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2 Visual Studio 2015: что нового? | Вебинар

CRM 2011 & Visual Studio

1)  CRM 2011 Solution package using Visual Studio 2011 – Part 1


3) HOW TO: Setup Visual Studio Remote Debugging 

4) Pass Data from an Entity form to an embedded Silverlight Web Resource

Visual Studio 2010: JScript Editor Extensions Released

Via ScottGu:


An extension has been added to Visual Studio 2010 to enhance the JavaScript coding experience.


JScript Editor Extensions


Bundles the following extensions for the Visual Studio 2010 JScript editor…


Manage Database Projects With Visual Studio 2010

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This article demonstrates how to manage database projects with Visual Studio 2010.

2. Integrating CRM 2011 using SQL Integration Services 2012

SSRS: Working with Multi-Value Parameters


An SSRS feature that was introduced in Visual Studio 2005 is the ability to add multi-value parameters (MVPs) or basically parameters that allow the user to choose from a set of values and apply them to a report. How does work this functionality in Visual Studio 2008?


SQL Schema Comparison with Visual Studio 2010

SQL Schema Comparison with Visual Studio 2010
Written By: Arshad Ali


Often we need to compare databases across two different environments (or even sometimes in the same environment) to identify the schema object differences, so that one database can be brought in sync with another one. For example, we normally do development on the development box; then during the build preparation we compare the development database with the QA/UAT/Production database to identify differences and generate schema objects for synchronization or incremental deployment scripts. How we can compare schema objects between databases and generate synchronization or incremental deployment scripts?



The Visual Studio 2010 Build Configuration Dropdown Missing

by Mitch Milam