Dynamics 365: The Next Chapter…

1. What will Dynamics 365 mean for XRM?

2. Dynamics 365 is coming and why you need to be ready

3. Dynamics 365 portals

4. Dynamics 365 – Online vs on-premises features FAQ – very detailed table

5. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Roadmap

6. Dynamics CRM 2016 (on-premise) vs Dynamics 365 CRM

     there are some new features inserted by Microsoft in Dynamics 365.

  • Field Service
  • Project Service
  • Resource Scheduling

7. A lot of links –Microsoft Dynamics 365 readiness guide for consultants

8. 8 features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that will take a CTO to the next level

9. v.9 – Complete list of new features in this release can be found at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/get-started/whats-new/customer-engagement/new-in-july-2017-update?lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_pulse_read%3B1nPy28HhSZO5Es9%2F3EkAFQ%3D%3D

10.  Building training demos (a lot of …)

I was wondering what you all use to build guided training demos. In the past I used DemoMate, but they no longer sell licensed software. I have also seen a product called ClickLearn, which seems to have some promise.

11.  Dynamics 365 – News (Spring 2018)

Tools and add-ons for CRM 2015

1) Adding InsideView To Your CRM Instance (search tool in social profiles)

2) Bulk emails for Dynamics CRM

3) FetchXML Builder for XrmToolbox fxb.codeplex.com

FetchXML Builder is a plugin to XrmToolbox. It provides a graphical UI to compose FetchXML-queries and save, copy or execute the result.

4) email marketing solutions

5) An Improved Codeless Address Finder

6) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7l82gGi3r4&feature=youtu.be&t=57s The CRM Utility: The XrmToolbox for Dynamics CRM

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Vkh1Ss7YlcWhat’s New in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

7) Tools for an Awesome CRM Demo – a good Leon’s article;

8) Datahug for Dynamics CRM

  Linkedin discussion

9) How to MS CRM 2015 Integration with external systems using SSIS.  (SSIS components from Kingswaysoft. )

10) CRM Organization Service Assistant library is available on CodePlex

This library is great helper for any client-side customization within MS Dynamics CRM 2013/2015/Online. No more XML queries inside your form JS files, just objects like in c# code. Robust and convenient way to interact with CRM service endpoint from client codes. Please check it out at http://cosa.codeplex.com/

11) CRM eBooks and Videos

Microsoft has published an easy to use catalog of their Dynamics CRM eBooks and videos.

12) Simple solution to manage events in CRM

13) Create a button with the same look and feel as the Save button. You can easily do that with the help of Ribbon Workbench Editor

14) Service portal for Microsoft Dynamics crm 2013  We have helped customers with ADX, Vertex and Custom.


Chorus have an integration between CRM and Umbraco, that provides a portal for CRM. Mention my name…http://www.chorus.co/products/connectors-plugins/harmony/

 15)   MSCRM ToolKit

MSCRM ToolKit – довольно большой набор полезных инструментов для работы с MS CRM (почти) на все случаи жизни:

  • Reference Data Transporter – инструмент для переноса бизнес-данных между различным средами CRM;
  • N:N Associations Transporter – инструмент для переноса связей N:N между различным средами CRM;
  • Data Export Manager – инструмент для экспорта данных из CRM в различных форматах: XML, XML Spreadsheet 2003, CSV;
  • Export Entities Structure – инструмент для экспорта метаданных (объекты, атрибуты, связи и схемы) из CRM;
  • Deployment Properties (On-Premise only) – инструмент для изменения свойств развертывания сервера CRM;
  • Solutions Transporter – инструмент для переноса Решений между различным средами CRM;
  • Solutions Import Jobs Viewer – инструмент для просмотра Solutions Import jobs в CRM;
  • Workflow Execution Manager – инструмент для запуска Бизнес-процессов в CRM;
  • Records Counter – инструмент для подсчета записей в CRM;
  • Audit Export Manager – инструмент для экспорта записей аудита Контрольных из CRM.

16)  Activity Timeline for Dynamics CRM 2015

17)  How to Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM

18) Source

Internet Lead Capture for Dynamics CRM Processes More than 1.5M Form Submissions

Microsoft partner CRM Innovation‘s Web2CRM is celebrating its 7th anniversary after having processed more than 1.5 million Web-form-to-CRM record submissions for hundreds of clients.

Web2CRM, an advanced internet lead capture solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM was released in the fall of 2008, originally supporting Dynamics CRM 4.0 on premise and online. It has since been upgraded to support Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013 and 2015 for both online and on premise. It is currently being tested with the preview release of CRM 2016.

With Web2CRM Dynamics CRM customers can integrate internet lead capture form submissions from their websites into data records in their CRM systems.

“We have renewed our commitment at this anniversary date to the next seven years of success with Web2CRM by re-writing the form designer from its original Microsoft Silverlight code base to HTML5,” said Jerry Weinstock, president and CEO of CRM Innovation.

CloudFronts Releases Gravity Forms – Dynamics CRM Integration for Automated Lead Conversions

Microsoft partner CloudFronts Technologies has released its Gravity Forms and Dynamics CRM integration solution for general availability.

The solution was initially rolled out as a limited release public preview last month. Since that time, the company has resolved several issues through feedback from its clients and internal teams.

This finished solution also marks the release of CloudFronts’ first product for Dynamics CRM customers globally. Currently available for Dynamics CRM Online, the solution will soon be made available for Dynamics CRM on-premise.

Key features include:

  • Automated Web to Lead Conversion: The solution integrates Gravity Forms (a WordPress form Plugin) with Leads in Dynamics CRM. When a visitor to a WordPress site submits the contact form, it is converted to a Lead in CRM.
  • Robust Technology Infrastructure: The integration service is built on top of Azure and utilizes some of the cloud platform’s latest features to provide a highly reliable Lead conversion platform.
  • Edit Mappings: Easily edit form mappings between Gravity Forms and CRM.

19) {New Utility} Synchronous Rollup for Dynamics CRM 2015

20)Sentiment analysis in Dynamics CRM using Azure Text Analytics

21)Role comparison tool for Dynamics CRM


22)  Backup and Restore Plugin Assembly

MS CRM 2015

1) Top 10 New Features of Dynamics CRM 2015

2) Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015: Top 11 new features

3) Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Features and Highlights

Microsoft has focused on five key areas for the Dynamics CRM 2015 release: Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Social Media and the Technology Platform. Their goal is to break down the silos between departments within organizations and create a cohesive, synergistic organization.

Below are some highlights of new features coming in the Dynamics CRM 2015 release.

Campaign Management

You can engage constituents one-to-one across channels and demonstrate the impact of your campaign investments in real-time to your stakeholders. Here are some highlighted new features:

  • Email Editor – select pre-defined templates or create an Email from scratch using an interactive drag and drop build process.
  • Campaign Management Console – now offers multi-condition triggers to fine tune responses.
  • Resource Management – improved collaborative marketing with the new Marketing Calendar and click to call capabilities from Lync.
  • Process Automation – make sure your team is aligned by designing approval processes with easy status tracking.
Customer Service

Social and mobile have changed expectations of how people interact with organizations. People expect high quality, consistent service – whether that’s on the web, mobile, or through social networks. Dynamics CRM 2015 enables organizations to build loyalty and provide relevant, proactive and personalized experiences with its new case management features.

Social Listening

Technology PlatformSome key new features and enhancements have been made to the Dynamics CRM 2015 platform:

  • Search – this enhanced search feature allows you to navigate across records and offers you a full list of matching search results.
  • Outlook & CRM Synchronization – You can easily synchronize fields between CRM and Outlook such as assigned tasks and appointment attachments.
  • Business Rules – first introduced in CRM 2013, now have new enhanced features like write once, execute everywhere and support for default values and behaviours.
  • Field Level Security – you can now restrict access to custom fields protecting all sensitive data.

4)Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Pricing and Promotion Announced

1. Updated Email Editor – select from pre-built templates or create a new format with the drag and drop features, or advanced options for integrating HTML or CSS.

2. Updated Campaign Management Console – new features for A/B tests on campaign emails, also the response process has been updated to include multi-condition triggers. (etc.)

6) According to the Licensing Guide http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=327819, a Basic CAL includes “User Dashboards” but not “System reports, system charts, and system dashboards”.

The word to pay attention to in the Licensing Guide is “MANAGE system dashboards”, which is reserved to the Professional licenses only. My understanding is that using system dashboards and charts is allowed for Basic users.

6)Top 5 features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015


The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 release has many new and improved features, which presents great improvements in how we can utilize the platform better. The updates will enable marketers to plan and execute marketing campaigns better, track impact, and strengthen collaborations with the sales process.

Customers today have higher expectations from businesses and to meet these needs, it’s mandatory to collaborate and bring in solutions which will help to reduce the gap between divisions which work towards customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 is set to release in Q4 2014 (December). And as we studied the new release, we realized there are a few features which will bring about a change, in the good sense, for all users.

Product Families

  • Suggestions: Cross – selling or up- selling requires related product linkages, or formation of product families. Opportunity and customer records can help sales professionals bring in better conversion/customer when products are correctly categorized
  • Bundling: Products can be bundled and offered as packages, for discounts and offers
  • Regional pricelist: Products can be bundled and offered as packages, based on regional requirements and assessments
  • Product properties: Increased number of parameters for a product. Though these can be achieved through customizations in Dynamics CRM 2013, product properties will give more flexibility in various in-house processes
  • Import/Export products: Configuration migration tool, introduced in Dynamics CRM 2013 has been improved to support product migrations in Dynamics CRM 2015

Guided Sales Process

  • Further improves the business processes introduced in Dynamics CRM 2013 to enable organization implement complex business processes
  • Conditional branching has brought about more specificity to business processes
  • As compared to the wizard in Dynamics CRM 2013, Dynamics CRM 2015 offers custom programming options bringing in the possibility of implementing complex business logics

Mobile Enhancements

  • Offline draft capabilities on mobile devices which are synced when the user is back online
  • All dashboards are available on tablets

Case Management

  • Different Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to bring in flexible support and service requirements
  • Pause and Resume SLAs to track time efficiently through system settings
  • Track and analyze each key metrics and individual SLA


  • With the new release, search within Dynamics CRM 2015 will be simpler and will allow for the usage of asterisks as wildcard characters
  • Search is customizable and configurable. The search can be across multiple record types.
  • Search can be configured on specific fields of preferred entities, improving search performance

One of the smaller (for now), enhancement which has been brought in, is Cortana on Windows Phone 8.1 devices, using which, users will be able to talk to the customer relationship management suite. Setting up meetings/reminders, searching contacts, accounts or activities, creating new records, etc. will be a breeze using Cortana.

All the features which have been added to Dynamics CRM 2015 suite is in line with the push by Microsoft to ensure the system is simple to use, and works to streamline the life of its users. Microsoft is also continuing to expand its global availability. 17 countries were being serviced till last August, and with this release, Microsoft announced it has added another 17 countries to Dynamics CRM Online’s roster, making it available in over 65 markets.

7) Dynamics CRM 2015 Calculated Fields

8) Dynamics CRM 2015 Business Rules

9) Cool new feature http://www.powerobjects.com/blog/2014/12/09/enhanced-business-rules-dynamics-crm-2015/

10) From CRM 2011 to CRM 2015: The User Experience

11) “Visual Hierarchy” –  3 Ways to Visualize Your Relationships with CRM 2015

12) Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 videos on #MSDynCRM YouTube Channel

Almost everything you need to know on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 in a collection of 44 videos on the Microsoft Dynamics YouTube Channel #MSDynCRM

13) System-Wide Alerts in Dynamics CRM 2015

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12 (Polaris)

Separate articles about MS CRM RollUp 12

1) News #3

2) News # 4 –  http://bit.ly/10BT6TH – a lot of links (http://slowxrm.blogspot.fr/2013/01/weekly-news-4-microsoft-dynamics-crm.html)

Weekly News #5: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 UR12 (Polaris) – A very long story …

3) New SDK for this Rollup – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 SDK v5.0.13


–  Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update User Interface New Features Form Infrastructure

5) Using ExecuteMultipleRequest with CRM 2011 New feature of Rollup 12

6) Is support for custom workflow activities in CRM online RU12? (Linkedin article)

CRM Solutions with MS Dynamics mubashersharif.blogspot.com

As we all know with the release of rollup 12 we can develop custom workflow activity for CRM 2011 online too.

7) Short description in MS

8) Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 update rollup 12 – Polaris – short review in blog

9) Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Update Overview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMznuLCpDqw
Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Update: Release Preview Guide

10) How to Enable the new process driven forms in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. (“How to Customize CRM 2011 after UR12)

11) issues:

Nick Doelman • This was deployed to CRM online clients last week. This was NOT a smooth transition.
If you have existing Javascript, it needs to be checked, as some of it breaks even on IE. There are tools that can help identify the issues but some of issues will not be clear until you actually see them in action on RU12.
Some ISV products are not yet compatible.
There are some other quirks around notes that might affect usability depending on how you use them.
Leads *must* have the currency field or the qualify will not work.
I am holding off on my on-prem or hosted clients for a while and doing some damage control on my online customers.
This is a rollup that needs to be tested on a duplicate dev environment first before apply to a production. I am excited about some of the new features, but this is not a typical apply the rollup and all is well, there needs to be some planning involved.

12) Important Information for Administrators

list of some trending issues that customers and partners have been encountering

13) Script Errors After the December 2012 Service Update

14) The server components of UR12 were pulled. See https://community.dynamics.com/product/crm/crmnontechnical/b/crmconnection/archive/2013/01/15/update-on-microsoft-dynamics-crm-2011-update-rollup-12-release.aspx

15) Pre-news

While you anxiously await all of the latest and greatest in this update rollup, be sure to check out the
pre-release KBA and be the most prepared among your peers! You know you’re excited about that additional browser compatibility. Admit it.KBA here

Download link – Update Rollup 12 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (KB 2795627)

16) http://slowxrm.blogspot.fr/2013/01/more-than-500-videos-about-microsoft.html

Weekly News #4: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 UR12 (Polaris) – Coming soon: More than 500 videos about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 http://bit.ly/10BT6TH

17) JScripts issues

a) Does anybody have an updated CRM 2011 equivalent to onClick that will work with Rollup 12?

18) CRM and Javascript to Extend Bing Maps Integration

19) Asynchronous Batch Process Pattern – Leveraging December 2012 Service Update (Polaris) Features

20 )Dynamics CRM – Dec 2012 Update  Rollup 12

 With its Customer Relationship Management software, Microsoft makes enterprise management simple. This software attempts to connect and streamline the Marketing, Sales and Customer Service department in your organization. Started to suit the basic Customer care requirements, Microsoft Dynamics CRM software brings more convenience and edge with each new update it has to present. And so is the case with the December 2012 Update.

Some of the noteworthy additions in the CRM Software in the December 2012 update are:

Predefined Configuration of Sales & Service Process
Based on your industry, old customer base, sales history and priorities of actions, you can now predefine steps of lead generation and customer service. Each stage can consist of as many steps as you find appropriate to efficiently close a sales cycle, thus increasing productivity.

Compatibility with MS Office 2013
The upgraded CRM also facilitates the latest upgraded MS Office 2013, to get the best of documentation, calculations and analysis in MS Office as well as synchronization of emails in Outlook.

Add-on Browsers and Mobiles
Along with the latest Google Chrome and Mozilla in Windows PC, this CRM Software is compatible with Safari and Mozilla in Macintosh and with Safari on Apple iPad tablets. Such flexibility is of great convenience to sales persons, especially while traveling.

Skype Embedded
The December update has come with an inbuilt Skype support. Now you can easily connect and collaborate with your customers. The user can directly make outbound Skype to Skype as well as Skype to phones from the CRM software only.

This latest update enables you to collaborate all your date pertaining to a customer, services availed, sales person attending the client and all the pertaining stakeholders information at one point, hence, not only avoiding duplication of data, but also making lead generation and followup throughout the complete sales cycle a very easy and efficient task. Moreover, Skype and Yammer add-ons allows one to maintain a social contact and presence conveniently feasible. Exchanging data, making presentations and group conferences are a cake walk with such streamlining.

User Interface
The all new interface systematically guides you step by step through the complete orientation and acquaintance with the new CRM Software to perfection.

The updated version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 is strategically upgraded keeping the enormity of data in mind and with a clear focus on developing a software with a business acumen. Above mentioned were some of the major reasons for upgrading to CRM 2012. Though, there are numerous small and big changes which you might come across while exploring the upgraded software.

21) Polaris/December 2012 Update on CRM Online

22) Weekly News #8: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 UR12 (Polaris)

23) Rollup 12 unable to see charts/views from a dashboard with a drop down menu (Linkedin answer)

24) Expand only selected tab using java script in CRM 2011 (After RU12)

25) Qualify a lead without creating an opportunity – new UI for the Lead form (classic and after UR 12 – without dialog window )

26)  Browser Error with Firefox and Chrome – “Just to clarify crmForm is still supported in IE with UR12 but not other browsers.”

27) Run-time support for sandboxed custom workflow activities is new in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12 and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update.

28) Script Errors after Installing UR12

Along with other fixes and features, CRM 2011 UR12 ushers in the capability of using multiple browsers.  To allow for this the CRM product has been updated and the original HTC behavior files behind much of CRM’s UI have all been removed. This removal of the HTC’s should help with performance and compatibility across browsers but these HTC’s also allowed for the use of the deprecated CRM 4.0 JavaScript calls/functions.  If you are looking to test and upgrade to UR12 we suggest you take three important steps in that process:

  1. Download and run the code validation tool to highlight customizations that will be impacted after UR12 is applied. (Direct Download URL)
  2. Read this KB on causes for script errors after UR12: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2804561
  3. If your organization requires the use of the deprecated CRM 4.0 JavaScript functions you are able to re-enable the HTC behaviors which will maintain support for these functions.  There may be some performance implications with this but you will be able to support your CRM 4.0 compatible JavaScript functions for the short period of time you require before updating it to CRM 2011 compatible functions.

NOTE: This is an extension to the article posted on the CRM Team Blog: Script Errors After the December 2012 Service Update and is also in addition to a previous article posted on our blog.

29) Problem with DDMs for charts in a dashboard with Rollup 12.

Microsoft has acknowledged this error with dashboards created previously with dropdown menus to select a chart. With rollup 12, when you select a chart/view from the ddm, the section of the dashboard goes blank. It is a known error but I cannot find a solution. Can anyone shed light on this situation?

30 ) How to switch between classic and new process flow forms in CRM…

Polaris introduced new UI forms in CRM2011. These new forms come with “Process Flow” and classic form views. They look great but they have some functional limitations.

31) UR12/Polaris Release: Feature Availability Overview

32) CRM 2011 Polaris Asynchronous Javascript Loading

33) UR12/Polaris Release: Feature Availability Overview (Linkedin discussion)

34) Rollup 2012: Service activity issue “unable to get property ‘SetParameter’ of undefined” since update rollup 12

35) Polaris or not to Polaris

36) Update on new features available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

37) Data Import Wizard is broken in Chrome, workaround is to use a different browser type. http://mileyja.blogspot.com/2013/04/microsoft-dynamics-crm-2011-data-import.html

38) CRM 2011 RU 12 token email problem

39) error ‘XPathEvaluator’ is undefined in IE 10

 • IE10 is not suitable for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, too many bugs. If you can help it, work with IE9

 • Are you using sdk.metadata.js? If so after line 323

req.open(“POST”, _getUrl() + “/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc/web”, true);

add the following:
try { req.responseType = ‘msxml-document’} catch(e){}

40) Javascript on crm 2011 polaris process form

How am I supposed to run javascript code on a process form (Polaris form), other than using an html page hack?
Doesn’t Microsoft provide a suitable option/alternative, since an event handler opens with the Classic Form?
Do I have to do my form validations with plugins? I’d rather use javascript.

• There’s no support for JavaScript with the new Polaris process forms. You can either revert to the classic forms or wait for the next major release, codenamed “Orion”, that will available later this year.


45) More than 500 videos dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 ( http://bit.ly/14tfMpd )

Could be very interesting:

 • Please check Using ExecuteMultipleRequest with CRM 2011 New feature of Rollup 12 http://bit.ly/Wf4MZ8

If you have used JavaScript to filter results in a sub-grid using pre-rollup 12 version of Dynamics CRM 2011, then you’re going to face problems with the move to Rollup 12 and Cross Browser. The first, and most obvious problem is the ‘setParameter’ function used to set the new fetchXML no longer exists.

51)Update Rollup 12 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Readied for Release

In anticipation of the release of CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12, Microsoft has make public the Knowledge Base article for the release. Update Rollup 12 will actually be posted to the Microsoft Download Center on January 10 as promised and will be live on Microsoft Update on January 22.

The highest profile enhancement in UR 12: the introduction of additional browser compatibility for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. The list of devices, operating systems and specific browser versions is detailed in the table below.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12 Cross Browser Support

This update rollup is available for all languages that are supported by Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. It includes new indexes for the following entities in the Quick Find Search Optimization feature.

  • Cases
  • Opportunities
  • Competitors
  • Contact (the Phone Number fields)
  • Business Unit
  • Connection
  • Connection Role
  • KB Article
  • Lead
  • Product
  • Sales Literature

Update Rollup 12 also contains changes for SDK, metadata, and Activity Feeds. More information, is available on the following Microsoft websites:

Some issues that are resolved in Update Rollup 12 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 include:

  • A scope attribute is not used for data table header cells to identify row and column headers.
  • When you enable the Check Incoming E-mail in Outlook parameter in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Outlook client, you receive email messages that have a link state of zero.
  • You can publish an article even though you do not have the permissions to publish the article.
  • You cannot connect to the Online Service Delivery Platform (OSDP) organization by using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Toolkit.
  • After you install Update Rollup 6 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, you cannot install the SSRS Data Connector.
  • You cannot set up HomeRealmUrl by using an email message router in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.
  • The width of the email message template selection box is fixed. Therefore, long titles occupy multiple lines.
  • It takes longer than expected to import an organization into the User Mapping table in a database that contains more than 100,000 users.
  • You experience slow performance in CRM 2011 Outlook client when you disabled the Use Cached Exchange Mode parameter in Outlook settings.
  • When you log in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, the system processes an expensive query in the PrincipalObjectAccessReadSnapshot table.
  • After you open a grid from a website that is not related to Microsoft Dynamics CRM by using a navigation heading link, you cannot open a record or lookup value in the grid.
  • Duplicate appointments are created when you track an appointment on a shared calendar. This issue occurs when the Use Cached Exchange Mode parameter is disabled.

New Dynamics CRM Update Rollups are not to be deployed to production without plenty of planning and testing, as Tribridge’s Sr. Escalation Manager and a newly minted Dynamics CRM MVP Chris Cognetta explained last fall.  Cognetta said he has seen enough support issues that he recommends playing it safe by staying at least one rollup behind the latest. Update Rollup 10 (UR10) was a good example of this risk as it had to be re-released.

And during an upgrade, Cognetta recommended that customers should not allow update rollups to be installed on the server automatically as part of the Microsoft update process because you can’t uninstall some of them.  Either apply them manually, using virtualization to test, or having a full backup that you can revert to.

52) Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Error after applying Update Rollup 12/13

53) How to use ExecuteMultipleRequest with ServiceContext and Linq

54) See http://www.zero2ten.com/blog/december-2012-service-update-latest-information for a good summary of the December 2012 Service Update/Polaris Release and current timelines.

55) “My short first impressions:
– Now works fine on Chrome, Fire Fox and Safari (on mac OS)
– Faster…. really, the CRM is faster now.
– Some java script errors coming from ExactTarget plug In. not a big deal but annoying, I changed the configuration from my production environment to “never send an error report to Microsoft”

This video describes the new Cross Browser features in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Upda

56) Is anyone using the new Polaris forms in a live environment?

57) Side effects of the Polaris UI

58) Lead qualify process design changes in UR 12 – CRM 2011

59) UR12 improves onchange event behavior of checkbox control

Raise your hand if you’ve formatted a two-option field on a Dynamics CRM entity form as a checkbox. Keep it raised if you’ve implemented client-side form logic triggered by changes to that field. Now, start waving your hand wildly if you’ve overridden the onclick event to invoke your logic immediately rather than wait for control focus to change. If, like me, you’re starting to attract attention, keep reading (and please, put your arm down).Adding client-side event handlers to the onclick event of checkbox controls on entity forms is an unsupported customization that has been perpetrated across many versions of Dynamics CRM. The technique serves as a workaround to the native onchange event behavior of the two-option (Boolean) field when rendered as a checkbox control. Native behavior dictates that handler(s) are not fired until after the control loses focus. This behavior can create an odd user experience when onchange logic should be invoked directly after the user action (i.e. conditionally display/enable a related form control). The only alternative to the unsupported workaround is to render the field as a radio button control which may not provide the desired user experience.

Until recently, I identified this unsupported customization in Code Review reports, but lowered the severity based on risk level and the lack of supported alternatives. That is until I discovered a minor change in Update Rollup 12. As of the UR12 release, the two-option (Boolean) field’s onchange event now occurs immediately when formatted as a checkbox control. Say what!?! This is a change that I (and many others) have been advocating for years. Like me, you may have initially overlooked it in the SDK release notes (V5.0.15) because it’s only referenced as a general documentation update to the onchange event. Either way, I’ll take it. One caveat: the behavior isn’t supported by Internet Explorer 7 or 8. For these versions, the control reverts to prior behavior based on focus change.

Don’t believe me? Read about it here. Celebrate briefly (quietly). Update CRM to UR12 (or later). Upgrade your browser to IE9 (or later). Finally, clean up your script libraries that register handlers with CRM field onclick events. As for me, gone are the days of sugar coating the severity of this violation in future Code Review reports. No excuses, no exceptions!

CRM 2011 – Videos

1) http://www.bizforward.cws-international.com/2011/10/17/personalizing-microsoft-dynamics-crm-2011/
Personalizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

2) Команда MS выложила неплохое видео, демонстрирующее как настроить развертывание CRM 2011 с использованием Claims based authentication и IFD.


3) Быстро перейти в Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace Вы можете через раздел Параметры – Решения в Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Там Вы найдете специальную кнопку по нажатию на которой откроется релевантный раздел Marketplace’а.

Обучающее видео по использованию Marketplace: https://training.partner.microsoft.com/learning/app/management/LMS_ActDetails.aspx?UserMode=0&ActivityId=722360

4) Вместе с CRM обновился и Ресурсный центр. Вы можете получить либо из интерфейса CRM (ссылка Центр ресуров в главной навигацинно области) или перейдя по URL: http://rc.crm.dynamics.com/RC/2011/en-us/on-prem/default.aspx

5) CRM 2011 – Articles, documents and videos on setting up IFD for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Here are some excellent resources on setting up a CRM 2011 deployment to be an Internet Facing Deployment.

6) More than 100 videos dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011


7) Videos or how-to tutorials on advanced find.

8) 6) If your company is a Microsoft partner check out the E-Learning under https://dynamics.microsoftelearning.com. Those are video training course that help you learn for certifications. check out CRM 2011 certification guidelines to find what is interesting for you. For me this is the best way to learn.

or got to Microsoft Channel 9 series: http://channel9.msdn.com/Series/DynamicsCRM2011

Developer in CRM 2011

1. Developer Toolkit для CRM 2011 – Первые впечатления

1.1 CRM 2011 Developer ToolKit – a lot of details

1.2 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Developer Training Kit 

1.3 CRM 2011 Developer ToolKit – 1 

2. CRM 2011 Download Links 

2.1 SharePoint List: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=5283

Software Development Kit: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=24004

Implementation Guide along with additiional Planning Tools: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=3621

3.  Team Ownership now available in CRM 2011

4. Enable Scripts on Bulk Edit form in CRM 2011

5Working with CRM 2011 Solutions

6 Microsoft CRM 2011 Roll up 5, new features video

7.  Query Audit Data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to Determine When A User Last Logged In

8. Do you know any utitility for automated testing of CRM – Forms/Screens ?
You can try QTP or Selenium for this. We do such kind of work. We have a dedicated team to help for this kind of requirements.

9. CRM 2011 – reports on data auditing

10.  How to convert an SQL statement into a XML file

11. Replace the Set of Privileges for a Role in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Using .NET or Jscript – http://bit.ly/uiR4N5

12 Upgrade CRM 4 to 2011: For ITdiots

13 Hiding a Ribbon Button in Dynamics CRM 2011

14 CRM 2011 Client Diagnostics Tool

(Опубликовано Vladislav Osmanov  )

После установки четвёртого пакета обновлений (Update Rollup 4 (KB 2556167)) в Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 появляется возможность измерять пропускную способность сети и производительность браузера при работе с javascript.

Для запуска диагностики, достаточно на клиенте перейти по следующему адресу: http://server%5B:port%5D/tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx

15 CRM 2011 Training Options 

16 Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011

17 Security Settings for Displaying a Native Ribbon Button (from Sonoma Partners blog)

18 CRM 2011 Opportunity Revenue field is read only 

19 Controlling Tabs and Sections with JScript in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

20 Если Вы хотите скачать Updates – обновляения вручную, то посетите адрес: http://catalog.update.microsoft.com. Это база данных всех обновлений распространяемых через Windows Updates. Чтобы увидеть обновления только для CRM 2011 – введите строку поиска слово «CRM» (или сразу жмите http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/Search.aspx?q=crm).

21 Using SSRS 2008 R2 to Export Dynamics CRM Data to Microsoft Excel with Multiple Tabs

22 How To Trigger a Plug-in From JScript in Microsoft Dynamics CRM – http://bit.ly/t2RPIs 

23 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 5 – Adding a Hyperlink to Email Notifications via a Workflow

24 CRM 2011 and Windows Identity Foundation   (http://blog.customereffective.com/blog/2011/10/crm-2011-and-windows-identity-foundation.html)

This is a quick reminder that if you are deploying custom applications on servers other than where you install CRM, you need to manually install WIF (Windows Identity Foundation). These pieces are not included in the .Net Framework 4.

25 Трассировка ошибок

Если в импортируемом SiteMap’е содержится ошибки, то логах трассировки (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/907490) Вы сможете найти очень подробное сообщение о причине очбки и о том где она находится:

26 In CRM 2011 while trying to import organization it is giving the following error:

microsoft .crm.crmexception import organization failed with exception system.data.sqlclient.sqlexception the delete statement conflict with reference..Pls guide to resolve the issue
CRM 2011 Import Organization – Error

Hubert Lukomski • Please try:

Step by step:


Similar problem with older version:

27. Для более подробной информации об лицензировании см. Microsoft Pricing and Licensing Guide (Feb 2011).

28   – Tips on generating random Data for CRM

29 CRM 2011 Solution – Shrpr Web Resource Editor 

21 Hiding a Ribbon Button in Dynamics CRM 2011

22 Blending in an iFrame 

23  Has anyone been able to get the checkbox value on a dirty form when someone makes a selection. The old code doesn’t work.
Xrm.Page.getAttribute(“attribute”).getValue() gives you the saved DataValue in the database.

The Xrm.Page methods wont make any calls to the database, so the error must be in the script you’re using. Are you using any other fuctions to set this value?

Try using attaching an onChange event to your boolean, fireing a simple function like this.

function test(){
var a = Xrm.Page.getAttribute(“your_checkbox”).getValue();

24 Blog Post: Setting Multi-Level Categories Against a Record Codelessly http://bit.ly/x0a8SS  (by  Leon Tribe)

25 Calculate the Time an Incident Took to Resolve in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Using .NET or Jscript – http://bit.ly/xfmgwn 

26 Potential hiccup with a Plugins Run in User’s Context Option

27 Submit a Bulk Delete Job in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 using C# or Jscript – http://bit.ly/xU4t77 

28 Can anybody explain early bound and late bound in CRM 2011 in simple way ?

Luke Simpson • Sure. In a nutshell, early-bound types are types that have been created using the Code Generation tool against a specific organization that allows the developer to utilize the organization service context to track changes and support LINQ queries. Early-bound types are also handy within VS 2010 in that they allow for dot notation in regards to attributes. The example for early-bound types for an account would be:
Account a = new Account();
a.accountnumber = “32”;

Late-bound types make use of the base Entity object and allow a programmer to access entities that have been defined yet (at least at coding time). This allows you to make your code more generic so that you don’t rely on a specific set of solution customizations. If you are familiar with coding in a DCRM 4.0 environment, late-bound types are like using Dynamic Entities. Late-bound types make use of the IOrganizationService interface instead of the org service context. So, if I wanted to code the example I used above using a late-bound approach, i would write it like this:
Entity acct = new Entity(“account”);
acct[“accountnumber”] = “32”;

29) LinkedIn for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

30) Using CRM LookUp functionality in a Silverlight WebResource with dyn CRM

CRM 2011 – Videos – Services and scheduling

CRM 2011 – Videos – Services and scheduling
by Hosk

The videos are by the company PythagorasCRM.

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