Dynamics 365: features, tips and tricks

  1. Editable Grids in Dynamics CRM

  2. Enhanced Business Rules in Dynamics 365 (Dynamics CRM)

  3.  LIst of Microsoft Dynamics CRM websites
  4.   Useful Dynamics 365 Resources
  5.  Ever wish for a way to embed tailored help content specific to your organisation directly into Dynamics 365? Now you can! It’s called Learning Path
  6.   TOP 20 new features of D365
  7. Hidden power of Dynamics 365 Portals

    > UPD – 14/11/2017 Goodbye Adxstudio, Hello Microsoft Dynamics Portals source code release, new features

    >> UPD 2:  GitHub project + Engineered Code Consulting Inc blog

  8. Concurrent business process flows in Dynamics 365
  9.  watch Microsoft’s new Dynamics 365 video modules on Partner Next.
  10. CRM and SharePoint – http://www.dynamicsobjects.com/
  11. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Documentation
  12.  Top 10 Dyn 365 Favorite tools
  13.  Using Microsoft Flow, users can easily create and automate workflows across multiple applications, in this case, Gmail & Dynamics 365. Once a flow is configured, it can be managed on desktop or mobile device and gives users an unprecedented ability to automate.
  14. Make the Business Process Flow fields to be required conditionally
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  18.  Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation: Invoicing – Using Batch Jobs with Invoice Frequencies
  19. Move Dynamics 365 Attachments to SharePoint using Microsoft Flow

  20. Dynamics 365 Spring 2018 release – documentation & readiness

21 (Add-On)

Report Scheduler

Have you ever tried to schedule a report in Dynamics 365 only to realize that it isn’t possible out-of-the-box? With the Report Scheduler solution, you can! This solution imports a plugin which renders reports to a specified format.  Since the plugin is registered against an action, it can also be used in Microsoft Flow to schedule a report.

22. Geo-code Dynamics 365 Records Using Microsoft Flow   + Link-din discussion

23. Phone Call Transcription and Insights with Video Indexer and Dynamics 365

24  How to Upgrade Deprecated Client APIs to Support Dynamics 365 v9

When upgrading from Dynamics 365 Online version 8.2 to version 9.0, it’s good practice to check for any deprecated components. One area with the biggest changes are the client APIs. Microsoft reorganized the Xrm Client API object model to support the new Unified Interface.

In almost all Dynamics 365 v8 or older instances there will be some custom JavaScript (OnLoad, OnSave, and OnChange events), iFrames, ribbon buttons, and HTML pages with will need to be evaluated. Dynamics 365 v8.2 can upgrade to v9 without replacing code using the deprecated client APIs with minor fixes as needed. The deprecated client APIs will continue to be available and supported until Microsoft officially removes them from a future major release of Dynamics 365.

Of course, code using those deprecated client APIs will need to be replaced eventually.

Let’s say your Dynamics 365 v8.2 has 100+ web resources files with 7,000+ client API functions that will need to be replaced. How do you go about changing 7,000+ client API functions? You can use Dynamics 365 v9 JavaScript ValidatorScript Finder, and Ribbon Workbench2016 from XrmToolBox, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio, or even NotePad++.

You can use the Dynamics 365 v9 JavaScript Validator tool to connect to Dynamics 365 v8.2 and scan through all the customized JavaScript and HTML files and list all the deprecated JavaScript functions needing replacement. This tool will help give you an idea of the scope of the effort required.

Visual Studio can find and replace all the deprecated client APIs in JavaScript and HTML files. This process can take a while because you will want to review each client API logic and understand its function before replacing it with the new client API functions.

The next step would be to use the Script Finder tool to identify all the events called from OnLoad, OnSave, OnChange, ribbon commands, grid, etc. When you’re fixing these items, be sure to enable the checkbox to Pass execution context as the first parameter for new client APIs calls. In addition, the Script Finder tool can identify where the events trigger the test for the JavaScript.

For ribbon commands, add CRM Parameter equals PrimaryControl in the custom JavaScript action for the ribbon button to pass the form context using Ribbon Workbench 2016 tool. The PrimaryControl contains the form context object.

Lastly, you can create and organize plans to test form events and HTML web resources in Dynamics 365.


Dynamics 365: The Next Chapter…

1. What will Dynamics 365 mean for XRM?

2. Dynamics 365 is coming and why you need to be ready

3. Dynamics 365 portals

4. Dynamics 365 – Online vs on-premises features FAQ – very detailed table

5. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Roadmap

6. Dynamics CRM 2016 (on-premise) vs Dynamics 365 CRM

     there are some new features inserted by Microsoft in Dynamics 365.

  • Field Service
  • Project Service
  • Resource Scheduling

7. A lot of links –Microsoft Dynamics 365 readiness guide for consultants

8. 8 features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that will take a CTO to the next level

9. v.9 – Complete list of new features in this release can be found at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/get-started/whats-new/customer-engagement/new-in-july-2017-update?lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_pulse_read%3B1nPy28HhSZO5Es9%2F3EkAFQ%3D%3D

10.  Building training demos (a lot of …)

I was wondering what you all use to build guided training demos. In the past I used DemoMate, but they no longer sell licensed software. I have also seen a product called ClickLearn, which seems to have some promise.

11.  Dynamics 365 – News (Spring 2018)

The best example of support article

All parts of article are good, text was split to logical areas.  How to Enable Tracing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Good coding practices – Information hiding

Hosk’s blog – good article

Good coding practices – Information hiding.

CRM 2012 : coming in Q2 2012

CRM Anywhere: coming in Q2 2012

Today Microsoft announced what’s going to be in their next service update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, codenamed “R8″, under the headline: CRM Anywhere.

The R8 service update is expected to be available Q2 2011 and is built on six broad themes: Mobility, Browser Flexibility, Social, Industry Templates, SQL Server 2012, Certifications.

Microsoft will be launching a new product, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile, which will enable CRM Online, partner-hosted and on-premise customers with Internet-facing deployments to use CRM on up to three devices per user.

There will be native clients, which means offline support, on all the main mobile platforms: Windows Phone 7.5, iPhone & iPad, Android, BlackBerry. I haven’t seen any of the licensing details yet, but I understand that this is a subscription service (even for on-premise customers) for $30 per user per month.

Browser Flexibility
For years prospective customers have been crying out for multi-browser support and Microsoft has finally delivered! Once R8 hits your CRM server you’ll be able to access CRM using: Internet Explorer 7 or above on Windows 7, Vista and XP; Safari 5.1.1 or above on Mac OS-X or iOS5 ;Firefox 6 or above on Windows 7, Vista and XP or Mac OS-X or iOS5; Chrome 13 or above on Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Activity Feed Enhancements
In the Nov 2011 service update (codenamed “R7″) Microsoft released the new Activity Feeds feature which introduced some social enterprise features into CRM 2011. R8 introduces a series of enhancements to the Activity Feeds feature: like/dislike, enhanced filtering (e.g. @me, types of records I follow, record views), and an updated mobile activity feeds client for Windows Phone 7.5.

Industry Templates
Building on the work of Microsoft partners and its own consulting team, the Dynamics Labs will be releasing several industry templates into the Dynamics Marketplace. The first few templates will be: Wealth Management, Non-Profit, Health Sales Plans
Relationship Management for Health.

The templates will include data model customizations, dashboards, workflows and sample data. They’re designed to help customers in those industries visualise how Dynamics CRM can help their business, and speed up an implementation without necessarily being a fully-packaged vertical industry product.

SQL Server 2012
Microsoft’s own data centers have already been upgraded to SQL Server 2012 and the R8 service update bring official support for partners and customers wanting to upgrade their own deployments to SQL Server 2012. Additionally, there will be some new CRM features that make use of SQL Server 2012 new capabilities. For example: performance improvements, enhanced database recovery, next generation business intelligence (“Crescent”) such as pre-defined Power Pivot models, Power View reports, and time-animated reports.

Certifications are critical to enterprise adoption and Microsoft has been working hard over the last year to ensure that its data centers and CRM Online service meets several important certification standards including: ISO27001, SAS 70 Type II, SOX, SSAE 16 SOC1, Safe Harbor, Data Processing Agreement, EU Model Clauses and HIPAA compliance (supported through Business Partner Agreements).

For More Information
Download the R8 Release Preview Guide from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM website: http://crmpublish.blob.core.windows.net/docs/ReleasePreviewGuide.pdf

Read the CRM Anywhere blog article by new CRM General Manager Dennis Michalis: https://community.dynamics.com/product/crm/crmnontechnical/b/crmconnection/archive/2012/02/06/crm-anywhere.aspx
Posted By Neil Benson

2)  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Custom Code Validation Tool Released

Download: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Custom Code Validation Tool

The purpose of this tool is to assist customers and partners of Microsoft Dynamics CRM identify potential issues with their custom JavaScript in JavaScript libraries and HTML web resources. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Q2 2012 Service Update and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Update Rollup 9 includes significant changes in the web application in order to be able to support a variety of browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. When using JavaScript code in Dynamics CRM, it is possible that some code will stop working or cause an error when you upgrade


through CRM 2011 Help…

 1) Dynamics CRM 2011 – Resource Centre 

2) Modifying Translations in Dynamics CRM 2011 

3) If you are a developer and want to customize and modify Dynamic CRM 2011, you should check out Channel9. Channel 9 is a Microsoft Learning Community, which features video channels, discussions, podcasts and screencasts including interviews with Microsoft developers. It has a series for Dynamics CRM 2011, which includes more than 30 very useful training videos, including how to customize the User Interface.

4) CRM 2011 – What is sales literature and where do you use it 

5) Dynamics CRM 2011 – E-Learning 

6) Microsoft Dynamics CRM: 33 Amazon Books 

7)  Getting started resources for business users – a lot of materials from MS

8) CRM 2011 documentation from Microsoft –

Forum – http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/category/dynamics

Microsoft also have a bunch

9) Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Entity Relationship Diagrams 

10) Some excellent free setup/get started guides for CRM 2011 

11) CRM 2011 Implementation Guide 5.5 – What’s New

12) http://www.thepartnerhub.com/TheLibrary/tabid/308/Default.aspx – list of CRM books

Anton Zubarev’s SDK for MS CRM 4


1) sdk для работы с MS CRM 4.0 в составе самой CRM (для plugin’s и workflow)
2) sdk для работы с MS CRM 4.0 на wsdl (для независимых приложений)
Упрощает рутинную работу с CrmService, DynamicEntity, чтение настроек из config, xml, ini. Упрощает работу с реестром, логом ошибок. Всё с исходниками.

Code –

catch (System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException ex)
throw new InvalidPluginExecutionException(
String.Format(“An error occurred in the {0} plug-in. Message: {1}{2}”,
this.GetType().ToString(), Environment.NewLine, ex.Detail.InnerText),

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