Dynamics 365 – Administration

1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Health – Incident Example     

(with table of status values)

2. Dynamics 365 v9: Limitations Of Unified Interface

Are you planning to switch to D365 v9 Unified Interface? Hold on, think twice!

3. Scheduling Workflows With Microsoft Flow

4. Add mapping for custom attribute of Order product to Invoice product


Dynamics 365 CRM : Development

  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Developer Toolkit
  2. Developer Toolkit for Dynamics 365a)  Dynamics 365 CRM Developer Toolkit
  3. Enhancements to Client side Notifications in Dynamics 365

  4. Qualify Lead using Web API in Dynamics 365

  5.  Free solution – Calculate Duration of Business Days in Dynamics 365 CRM
  6. # Xrm.Internal
  7.  How to run the custom code in Dynamics 365 Portal
  8.  Multiple entities in one MS CRM chart
  9.   Address Validation for MSCRM
  10.  Can Dynamics CRM understand images? Yes!
  11.  Workflow Elements is a free solution for Dynamics 365 
  12.  Convert Plugins to Sandbox mode/Sandboxed

13. Set Default Business Process Flow on Create

14. “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Portals Source Code” (Microsoft has made available the source code for their latest version of the Dynamics 365 Customer Service portals.)

15 Implementing Azure AD B2C with the CRM portal

16. official Portal documentation from Microsoft

17.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0 – Xrm.WebApi methods for CRUD operations

18.  Create record in PowerApps – Beware of the Curly Brackets

19. What’s New in Dynamics 365 CRM V 9.0 ?

CRM 2016 – Tips and tricks

  1. “Reassign records” does not reassign business rules!
  2.  CRM Online System Monitoring
  3.  Audit table details
  4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Interactive Service Hub
  5.  Open Dashboards with URL in Dynamics CRM 2015/2016
  6.  Q – Is there really no global setting in CRM for user work hours?
    Answer >>  Not natively for User working hours no. Need to write code against Calendar entity. For CRM 2013+ Customer Service hours and Holidays, yes in Service Management.
  7. Set Process through Workflow in Dynamics CRM 2016
  8. Start –

The CRM Help Center (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics/crm-help-center/default.aspx) is a good place to start. If you are working for a Microsoft Dynamics partner then the Dynamics Learning Portal (https://mbspartner.microsoft.com/Landing) provides access to online learning courses in preparation for the exams. If you are working for a Microsoft Dynamics customer then CustomerSource (https://mbs.microsoft.com/customersource/northamerica) would be a god first step. Alternatively, you can search for local Microsoft training partners in your area if you prefer face-to-face training (http://learning.microsoft.com).

 Download the CRM training resource guide at http://clickdimensions.com/crmtraining/

9. Free Webinar Friday: Introduction to the Dynamics CRM Interactive Service Hub recording is live

10. How to import Accounts and Contacts in CRM from Excel

11 Setting Alerts on Multiple Records

12  Custom Full Search in MS CRM

13  Any idea on how can we find out who has access to each record and what level of access in Dynamics CRM online ?  —  You can use the “Acces Checker” tool from XRM Toolbox on http://www.xrmtoolbox.com. It has many useful tools for CRM implementations. Highly recommended and free!

14 Crm web client speed /browser (how to improve)

15  Dynamics CRM trick to temporarily unlock locked fields on a form for editing (unsupported ?)

16 Some Dynamics CRM workarounds

CRM 2016: Development

  1. Programmatically Move Cross Entity Business Process Flow Stages in CRM 2016

    2. Show all Contacts whose Birthday falls this week in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016/ 2015 Online Update 1

    3. Windows app for Microsoft Dynamics CRM in 5 minutes

    4.How to execute Web API calls to Microsoft Dynamics CRM from an external ASP.NET web application

    4.1  Set Values of all Data Types using Web API (windows application) in Dynamics CRM Through C#

    5.  Importing and Exporting Data from Many to Many Relationships in CRM

    6.Here are 9 potential issues you could encounter as part of your upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 (JScripts, DOM objects and others)

    7. Unit tests in CRM ? test the logic of your code

    8.Show ALL related activities in a subgrid (During eXtremeCRM in Warsaw last week, a fellow CRMian and frequent user of FetchXML Builder approached me to ask if I knew a way to create “dynamic” queries with some contextual awareness. He had used unsupported methods to inject FetchXML to subgrids, to be able to show all activities related to current record, not just those where the record is related through the Regarding field.)

    9)MS Dynamics 2016 new Web API

    10) How to Test a Dynamics CRM Plugin

    11) The general questions – Never leave a CRM developer stranded with CRM Developers creed

    12) Calculate Rollup fields on button click (custom workflow)

    13) Inject your code before CRM button event (unsupported?)

    14) Multi Threading in MS CRM Plugins using Parallel Extensions Parallel.For / Parallel.ForEach

    15) Deprecation announcements with Dynamics CRM

    16) Explore Web API in Dynamics CRM 2016

    17) Simple Dynamics CRM Console Application (config file)

    18) Using an Azure Service Bus with Dynamics CRM 2016 Spring Update

    19) Microsoft Ignite Dynamics CRM Highlights – a lot of improvments

CRM Tasks

1. Source

Send Newsletters

Send a company newsletter monthly, quarter or bi-yearly. The fact is most organizations are looking for how to implement a successful digital marketing campaign, and they are not send a professional robust newsletter. What’s in the newsletter is more important than how you send it out. Second be consistence. You want to win new leads, sell more products, have happier customers, then be consistent. The consistency makes you stand out when the customer is ready to engage.  Content and Consistency. Here is an article to understand bulk and transaction e-mails in CRM. PowerMailChimp is an add-on to CRM to make it easy to send professional newsletters.

Track Web Traffic

Who is on your web site? Where are they coming from? Are we increasing traffic? Many organizations leave the web traffic to IT. The web site has be configured with Google Analytics. IT is happy to tell you how the site is doing. Bottom line we want to know how leads, customers and prospects are interacting with the site. We have to have this data in CRM. Here is an article to understand web traffic in CRM. powerWebTraffic is an add-on to CRM to make it easy to capture web traffic in CRM.

Capture Web Form

Too many organizations still have web forms email the results. Someone opens the email and decides how to follow up. Simple. The problems is when the person is out. Now we have a lead that is not followed up with in a timely fashion. Sales person calls and the response they hear is, I already contacted another company. Or the person processing the new lead does not look in the CRM to if they already exists as a lead or customer. When the sales person calls to see if they can help, they get the uncomfortable response that they are already a customer. Here is an article on capturing leads on your web site. powerWebForm is an add-on to CRM to make it easy to capture web forms in CRM.

Monitor Customer Satisfaction

While there are tools out there (SurveyMonkey) this data never gets pulled into the organizations process. Similar to Google Analytics, it has good data but the right information is not in front of the right people. Customer satisfaction has to be in CRM so you can build it into your process. powerSurveyPlus is an add-on to CRM to make it easy to design, distribute and report on customer satisfaction in CRM.

CRM 2015: SLA settings issue

  1.  Error: TimeTrackingCacheLoader Operation encountered some errors {0}, see log for more detail
  2.  Timer shows “444 days ” for 1-2 days KPI items.

Good articles:

One more – very informative https://community.dynamics.com/crm/b/devbeard/archive/2014/10/14/issues-with-timer-control-in-sp1-ur1 (original is here – http://devbeard.com/timer-control-locale-locale-locale/ )

Recommended Content

At the end: I changed Region settings (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/apply-regional-language-settings-reserved-accounts#1TC=windows-7)

for my account and for system account, but with no luck. Solution: I did the same for CRM Application Pool account, and this helped!


3. How to  create rules to automatically route cases – very informative!

Related linkedin discussion. (with some useful links)

4. CRM 2016 –  How to Relate an SLA Directly to a Case in CRM 2016


CRM 2015 – Customization

1.Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 – Business Process Flows


2. Good point – For what it’s worth, it sounds like your not using all the best practices for CRM release management. Microsoft released a white paper on this topic for CRM 2011. While I never recommend using managed solutions for release management, the rest of the advice is still good practice. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=39044

3. Customization Comparison can be done by Comparing the Customizattion.xml file inside the packaged solution zip file. Here is the link explains steps.


4. Business Process Flow and Bulk Update of Process and Stage bit.ly

Let’s imagine following situation – customer decided to use Business Process Flow for one of entities that already existed in CRM. You designed required BPF and everything looks great for new records. But what to do with existing records?


As an alternative, for people who maybe don’t have Visual Studio and want to achieve this completely ‘inside’ CRM, they could add an ‘on demand’ workflow that uses the ‘Switch Process’ custom workflow step (originally coded by Scott Durow) that can be found in the free ‘Workflow Essentials’ solution (http://www.gapconsulting.co.uk/our-solutions/free-tools/workflow-essentials).
Then, the bulk workflow executor (again free and found here http://www.gapconsulting.co.uk/our-solutions/free-tools/workflow-executor) could be used to execute this workflow against a system or personal view. There is a throttling control too to help with high data volumes.

The only thing this doesn’t do (yet) is the ‘clean’ processid and stageid but I may try to get the custom workflow step enhanced to do this in a future release.

5. How to MS CRM 2015 Integration with external systems using SSIS.

6. A very good description about man/unman solutions – Questions on Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions and environments

Additionally – MS TechNet library Use segmented solutions and patches to simplify solution updates

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