Tools and add-ons for CRM 2016

  1.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM Personal Views Manager Utility
  2. Crm Service Impersonation: Shared Views Management
  3.  The CRM Deployment Wizard 
  4.  Convert FetchXML to SQL query

Tools and add-ons for CRM 2015

1) Adding InsideView To Your CRM Instance (search tool in social profiles)

2) Bulk emails for Dynamics CRM

3) FetchXML Builder for XrmToolbox

FetchXML Builder is a plugin to XrmToolbox. It provides a graphical UI to compose FetchXML-queries and save, copy or execute the result.

4) email marketing solutions

5) An Improved Codeless Address Finder

6) The CRM Utility: The XrmToolbox for Dynamics CRM’s New in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

7) Tools for an Awesome CRM Demo – a good Leon’s article;

8) Datahug for Dynamics CRM

  Linkedin discussion

9) How to MS CRM 2015 Integration with external systems using SSIS.  (SSIS components from Kingswaysoft. )

10) CRM Organization Service Assistant library is available on CodePlex

This library is great helper for any client-side customization within MS Dynamics CRM 2013/2015/Online. No more XML queries inside your form JS files, just objects like in c# code. Robust and convenient way to interact with CRM service endpoint from client codes. Please check it out at

11) CRM eBooks and Videos

Microsoft has published an easy to use catalog of their Dynamics CRM eBooks and videos.

12) Simple solution to manage events in CRM

13) Create a button with the same look and feel as the Save button. You can easily do that with the help of Ribbon Workbench Editor

14) Service portal for Microsoft Dynamics crm 2013  We have helped customers with ADX, Vertex and Custom.

Chorus have an integration between CRM and Umbraco, that provides a portal for CRM. Mention my name…

 15)   MSCRM ToolKit

MSCRM ToolKit – довольно большой набор полезных инструментов для работы с MS CRM (почти) на все случаи жизни:

  • Reference Data Transporter – инструмент для переноса бизнес-данных между различным средами CRM;
  • N:N Associations Transporter – инструмент для переноса связей N:N между различным средами CRM;
  • Data Export Manager – инструмент для экспорта данных из CRM в различных форматах: XML, XML Spreadsheet 2003, CSV;
  • Export Entities Structure – инструмент для экспорта метаданных (объекты, атрибуты, связи и схемы) из CRM;
  • Deployment Properties (On-Premise only) – инструмент для изменения свойств развертывания сервера CRM;
  • Solutions Transporter – инструмент для переноса Решений между различным средами CRM;
  • Solutions Import Jobs Viewer – инструмент для просмотра Solutions Import jobs в CRM;
  • Workflow Execution Manager – инструмент для запуска Бизнес-процессов в CRM;
  • Records Counter – инструмент для подсчета записей в CRM;
  • Audit Export Manager – инструмент для экспорта записей аудита Контрольных из CRM.

16)  Activity Timeline for Dynamics CRM 2015

17)  How to Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM

18) Source

Internet Lead Capture for Dynamics CRM Processes More than 1.5M Form Submissions

Microsoft partner CRM Innovation‘s Web2CRM is celebrating its 7th anniversary after having processed more than 1.5 million Web-form-to-CRM record submissions for hundreds of clients.

Web2CRM, an advanced internet lead capture solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM was released in the fall of 2008, originally supporting Dynamics CRM 4.0 on premise and online. It has since been upgraded to support Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013 and 2015 for both online and on premise. It is currently being tested with the preview release of CRM 2016.

With Web2CRM Dynamics CRM customers can integrate internet lead capture form submissions from their websites into data records in their CRM systems.

“We have renewed our commitment at this anniversary date to the next seven years of success with Web2CRM by re-writing the form designer from its original Microsoft Silverlight code base to HTML5,” said Jerry Weinstock, president and CEO of CRM Innovation.

CloudFronts Releases Gravity Forms – Dynamics CRM Integration for Automated Lead Conversions

Microsoft partner CloudFronts Technologies has released its Gravity Forms and Dynamics CRM integration solution for general availability.

The solution was initially rolled out as a limited release public preview last month. Since that time, the company has resolved several issues through feedback from its clients and internal teams.

This finished solution also marks the release of CloudFronts’ first product for Dynamics CRM customers globally. Currently available for Dynamics CRM Online, the solution will soon be made available for Dynamics CRM on-premise.

Key features include:

  • Automated Web to Lead Conversion: The solution integrates Gravity Forms (a WordPress form Plugin) with Leads in Dynamics CRM. When a visitor to a WordPress site submits the contact form, it is converted to a Lead in CRM.
  • Robust Technology Infrastructure: The integration service is built on top of Azure and utilizes some of the cloud platform’s latest features to provide a highly reliable Lead conversion platform.
  • Edit Mappings: Easily edit form mappings between Gravity Forms and CRM.

19) {New Utility} Synchronous Rollup for Dynamics CRM 2015

20)Sentiment analysis in Dynamics CRM using Azure Text Analytics

21)Role comparison tool for Dynamics CRM

22)  Backup and Restore Plugin Assembly

Tools and Add-ons for CRM 2013

1) International address validation software now available on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

2) Javascript for disabling Ribbon button based on conditions (CRM 2013).

3)Here is an interesting article about configuring Yammer with CRM!!!

4) Financial Services Templates and Demo Solution Pack for Microsoft CRM

5)How to Bulk Delete Workflow Jobs in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Project Description
The goal of this project is to provide:

  • A single application to launch all tools I developed until now
  • A fastest way to create new Tools (for me and for you)

The tool itself does not embbed any business logic, it just displays all tools in a list, manages connections to CRM organizations and provide the possibility to open these tool in a single interface. It comes with a public interface that allows any developer to write its own tool as a library. The tool reads all assemblies in its folder location that implements the public interface.

As this tool is useless without plugins, it is shipped with more than ten tools to help you configure and customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and 2013 (see the list below).

To learn how to develop your own tool, read the documentation

You can support my work by making a donation (Read more).

List of included plugins

Solution Transfer Tool
Access Checker
Attribute Bulk Updater
Audit Center
FetchXml Tester
Metadata Document Generator
Privileges Discovery
Role Updater
Script Finder
SiteMap Editor
Solution Import
Easy Translator
View Layout Replicator
Web Resources Manager

7) Unified Service Desk (USD) – что это такое и с чем его едят

  • Особенности и возможности
• Настраиваемый поиск по одной или нескольким сущностям
• Настраиваемые сценарии звонка
• Настройка последовательности шагов сценария и подсказок к ним
• Поддержка контекста
• Действия
• Открытие закладки с записью CRM
• Открытие закладки с кастомным контентом
• Перемещение внутри сценария
• Установка фокуса на поля внутри формы открытой записи
• Сессионность
• Сессия запускается в контексте записи клиента
• Поддержка множества сессий одновременно
• В каждой сессии может быть открыто одновременно несколько вкладок с информацией
Особенности и возможности
• Приложения
• Организация SSO
• Глобальные и сессионные приложения
• Параллельная работа нескольких приложений
• Панель инструментов
• Настраиваемый вид
• Возможность добавления новых элементов
• Выполнение действий на основании контекста
• Интеграция
• Веб приложения
• Десктоп приложения
• Unified Service Desk Download Link –
• Unified Service Desk Admin Guide • Unified Service Desk Walkthroughs
• Unified Service Desk Templates входят в комплект SDK
• Демонстрация работы –

8)  Who needs a free customizable team calendar for Dynamics CRM 2013? Maybe you do.

Working with CRM 2013, CRM 2015 you see grid everywhere
• Grid on dashboard
• Grid on main list of enttiy
• Grid on form (when you add a sub-grid)
• Grid on from (when you click in the navigation link) (associated grid)
• Grid on the advanced find result window
• Grid on the lookup window

+ Changed to any system view or personal view.
+ Changed your CRM Grid to a new look and feel with your own define.
+ Install and use immediately.

10) Custom Alert Activity in Alert Status for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

11)  CRM 2013 Tool Review – Solution History for CRM 2013

12) Inline Editable Grid for IPAD App / CRM 2013 client.

13)I am looking for a third party add on / tool which can open a chat tool from my website and save the chat in MS CRM 2013 as a case…

14) Another Handy Tool Compliments of BusiPlanIT: Email to a Team

CRM 2011/2013 – commercial

1 ) Want an easy way to capture data on your website and move it straight into CRM? With PowerWebForm from PowerObjects, More…

2) Document management XRM solution Dynamics CRM 2011

3)Global Search Add-ons for Microsoft CRM 2011

4) Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Call Center: How to Leverage Multiple Source Systems through CRM – Third in Series

5) Estimating the Cost of Dynamics CRM Implementations:

6) Estimating the cost of an xRM implementation Part 4 — Integration

7) Search and filter from 886 listed add-on solutions!

8) Report Scheduler – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online and On-Premise $599 – IOTAP’s Report Scheduler add-on enables easy scheduling of CRM data which is delivered automatically via email. It works from within CRM and requires no separate server.

9) Recommended import tools for CRM OnLine

10) Microsoft CRM and Sage Accounting (for CRM 2013 too)

CodePlex – site of tools and utilities

Have you visited CodePlex lately?  ( by Donna Edwards)

2. CRM 2011 JavaScript Model Generator 

3. WebResources Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
WebResources Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 makes it easier for developers and customizers to manage (create/update/delete/preview) their web resources.

4. CRM WF Date/Time Utilities

5. CrmXpress Security Roles Helper

6.New blog article on an XrmToolbox plug-in to get your Dynamics CRM environment ready for XRM development faster!

This is a plugin for XrmToolBox by Tanguy Touzard. It implements Marc Schweigert’s blog article on preparing a new Dynamics CRM environment for XRM development. It fully automates the process as point-and-click.

7. XrmSvcToolkit: A lifesaver for complex Javascripts in CRM2011

8.  Code Conversion Tools

Rhett Clinton developed a free tool as part of the XRM Tools beta on Codeplex:

Mitch Milam developed a professional tool:

I guess it depends what features you need and what level of support you want. They are both well regarded Microsoft MVPs with tonnes of experience developing JavaScript for CRM.

9.  Dynamics CRM 2011 – View Layout Replicator

As the name suggests View Layout Replicator is useful for replicating same view layout in other views of same entity.

You can download the View layout replicator from

10.CRM Solution CommandLine Helper

I’m pleased to release the first version of CRM Solution CommandLine.
This tool helps administrators to automate solution deployment tasks.

Binaries and sources code are available on CodePlex :

11. How to apply useful multi check box functionality in MS CRM: tuneMultiCheckBox for Dynamics CRM 2011 / 2013

MS Dynamics CRM Specialist at Sitecore

You most likely are interested in this solution if

– You would like to have a multi checkbox functionality (or many boolean/checkbox entity attributes) on a form and don’t want to create a lot of dedicated checkbox entity fields for each an option

– You have Many-To-Many relationships and would like to associate / disassociate related records in a quick, convenient and flexible way using a set of appropriate checkboxes on a form

Over 40 useful Dynamics CRM 2011 tools, utilities, scripts & controls


2. One more – MS CRM 2011 Useful Tools… 

3. New set of tools for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 projects: :

4. CRM blogs or mailing lists

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