Dynamics 365 CRM : Development

  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Developer Toolkit
  2. Developer Toolkit for Dynamics 365a)  Dynamics 365 CRM Developer Toolkit
  3. Enhancements to Client side Notifications in Dynamics 365

  4. Qualify Lead using Web API in Dynamics 365

  5.  Free solution – Calculate Duration of Business Days in Dynamics 365 CRM
  6. # Xrm.Internal
  7.  How to run the custom code in Dynamics 365 Portal
  8.  Multiple entities in one MS CRM chart
  9.   Address Validation for MSCRM
  10.  Can Dynamics CRM understand images? Yes!
  11.  Workflow Elements is a free solution for Dynamics 365 
  12.  Convert Plugins to Sandbox mode/Sandboxed

13. Set Default Business Process Flow on Create

14. “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Portals Source Code” (Microsoft has made available the source code for their latest version of the Dynamics 365 Customer Service portals.)

15 Implementing Azure AD B2C with the CRM portal

16. official Portal documentation from Microsoft

17.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0 – Xrm.WebApi methods for CRUD operations

18.  Create record in PowerApps – Beware of the Curly Brackets

19. What’s New in Dynamics 365 CRM V 9.0 ?

20. https://danishnaglekar.wordpress.com/2018/06/14/common-data-service-cds-deep-dive/ —  Common Data Service (CDS) Deep Dive


21. Unit Testing & Handling CRM Requests using Fakes C#  Linked-In




http://axforum.info/forums/showthread.php?p=412271#post412271 powerobjects: HTML Web Resources in Dynamics 365 + https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg309473.aspx

INTRODUCTION TO USING JAVASCRIPT IN DYNAMICS 365 — https://carldesouza.com/introduction-using-javascript-dynamics-365/

Tools and add-ons for CRM 2016

  1.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM Personal Views Manager Utility
  2. Crm Service Impersonation: Shared Views Management
  3.  The CRM Deployment Wizard 
  4.  Convert FetchXML to SQL query

CRM 2016: Development

  1. Programmatically Move Cross Entity Business Process Flow Stages in CRM 2016

    2. Show all Contacts whose Birthday falls this week in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016/ 2015 Online Update 1

    3. Windows app for Microsoft Dynamics CRM in 5 minutes

    4.How to execute Web API calls to Microsoft Dynamics CRM from an external ASP.NET web application

    4.1  Set Values of all Data Types using Web API (windows application) in Dynamics CRM Through C#

    5.  Importing and Exporting Data from Many to Many Relationships in CRM

    6.Here are 9 potential issues you could encounter as part of your upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 (JScripts, DOM objects and others)

    7. Unit tests in CRM ? test the logic of your code

    8.Show ALL related activities in a subgrid (During eXtremeCRM in Warsaw last week, a fellow CRMian and frequent user of FetchXML Builder approached me to ask if I knew a way to create “dynamic” queries with some contextual awareness. He had used unsupported methods to inject FetchXML to subgrids, to be able to show all activities related to current record, not just those where the record is related through the Regarding field.)

    9)MS Dynamics 2016 new Web API

    10) How to Test a Dynamics CRM Plugin

    11) The general questions – Never leave a CRM developer stranded with CRM Developers creed

    12) Calculate Rollup fields on button click (custom workflow)

    13) Inject your code before CRM button event (unsupported?)

    14) Multi Threading in MS CRM Plugins using Parallel Extensions Parallel.For / Parallel.ForEach

    15) Deprecation announcements with Dynamics CRM

    16) Explore Web API in Dynamics CRM 2016

    17) Simple Dynamics CRM Console Application (config file)

    18) Using an Azure Service Bus with Dynamics CRM 2016 Spring Update

    19) Microsoft Ignite Dynamics CRM Highlights – a lot of improvments

Plugin profiler

  1. Plug-in Profiler (rus)
  2. CRM 2015 – Understanding the plugin profiler and a puzzling error (with some useful links)
  3.  Step by Step: Working with CRM2011 plugin profiler

Examples of code

  1. Here is Linq query I used to retrieve ActivityPointer

public List<ActivityPointer> GetRecentActivityForIncident(Guid incidentId)

this.tracingService.Trace(“Enter Method GetMostRecenActivityForIncident”);
using (OrganizationServiceContext crmContext = new OrganizationServiceContext(this.crmService))
var mostRecentWrappedTask = (from t in crmContext.CreateQuery<ActivityPointer>()
(t.RegardingObjectId != null && t.RegardingObjectId.Id.Equals(incidentId))
&& ((int) t.StateCode.Value == (int) TaskState.Completed)
orderby t.CreatedOn descending
select t);
return mostRecentWrappedTask.ToList();


How to access the latest technologies from Haskell

CRM 2015 + Custom Actions

1. Using Custom Actions as Thick adapters with Dynamics CRM

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