CRM 2016 – Administration

  1.  CRM 2016 – Online vs on-premises features FAQ

2.  Online vs on-premises features ( in the list)

3. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Help & Training 

4. CRM Installation Guide – The Ultimate Dynamics CRM Installer (AgileDialog)

5. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Roadmap

6.   AD and MS CRM sync, how? – discussion

7.How to find accounts without activity

8. Performance issue – for CRM online – “I have spend several months working on performance. We found the location, internet connection, PC configuration were all external factors. When we started looking inside of the database, we found java script on the form or number of grids all impacted the form load time. The tools ( is a great starting point for what is causing the issues”

9. Technet Library – about upgrade from CRM 2011 to CRM 2016

10.  Tips when migrating using Excel

11. upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 — plan and tools

> 9 Tips for upgrate to CRM 2016

12. – list of CRM 2016 update 0.1 features

13. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client synchronization rules

14  Anyone have a good document on setting up and utilizing the Product Catalog/Pricelist?

15  Securing Records By a Field Value in Dynamics CRM

16 Solutions in CRM 2016

17 useful article –  Release management, Solution packager

18 Dynamics CRM page load is slow and Optimize performance using Microsoft CRM Form Load Performance Analyzer


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