CRM Tasks

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Send Newsletters

Send a company newsletter monthly, quarter or bi-yearly. The fact is most organizations are looking for how to implement a successful digital marketing campaign, and they are not send a professional robust newsletter. What’s in the newsletter is more important than how you send it out. Second be consistence. You want to win new leads, sell more products, have happier customers, then be consistent. The consistency makes you stand out when the customer is ready to engage.  Content and Consistency. Here is an article to understand bulk and transaction e-mails in CRM. PowerMailChimp is an add-on to CRM to make it easy to send professional newsletters.

Track Web Traffic

Who is on your web site? Where are they coming from? Are we increasing traffic? Many organizations leave the web traffic to IT. The web site has be configured with Google Analytics. IT is happy to tell you how the site is doing. Bottom line we want to know how leads, customers and prospects are interacting with the site. We have to have this data in CRM. Here is an article to understand web traffic in CRM. powerWebTraffic is an add-on to CRM to make it easy to capture web traffic in CRM.

Capture Web Form

Too many organizations still have web forms email the results. Someone opens the email and decides how to follow up. Simple. The problems is when the person is out. Now we have a lead that is not followed up with in a timely fashion. Sales person calls and the response they hear is, I already contacted another company. Or the person processing the new lead does not look in the CRM to if they already exists as a lead or customer. When the sales person calls to see if they can help, they get the uncomfortable response that they are already a customer. Here is an article on capturing leads on your web site. powerWebForm is an add-on to CRM to make it easy to capture web forms in CRM.

Monitor Customer Satisfaction

While there are tools out there (SurveyMonkey) this data never gets pulled into the organizations process. Similar to Google Analytics, it has good data but the right information is not in front of the right people. Customer satisfaction has to be in CRM so you can build it into your process. powerSurveyPlus is an add-on to CRM to make it easy to design, distribute and report on customer satisfaction in CRM.


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