Examples of code

  1. Here is Linq query I used to retrieve ActivityPointer

public List<ActivityPointer> GetRecentActivityForIncident(Guid incidentId)

this.tracingService.Trace(“Enter Method GetMostRecenActivityForIncident”);
using (OrganizationServiceContext crmContext = new OrganizationServiceContext(this.crmService))
var mostRecentWrappedTask = (from t in crmContext.CreateQuery<ActivityPointer>()
(t.RegardingObjectId != null && t.RegardingObjectId.Id.Equals(incidentId))
&& ((int) t.StateCode.Value == (int) TaskState.Completed)
orderby t.CreatedOn descending
select t);
return mostRecentWrappedTask.ToList();


How to access the latest technologies from Haskell

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