CRM 2015 – Tips and tricks

  1. Top Ten Secrets to a Successful CRM Deployment: Part One, Two–Process and 3

  2. Top CRM Articles of the week – 2nd Jul

  3.  Running The Custom Code Validation Tool In Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  4.  CRM Audio podcasts –
  5.  Switch business process programmatically in Dynamics CRM based on business logic during create of a record . —
  6.  The New Features of CRM 2015 Update 1 & How to use them
  7. IFD: a) Deploy and configure AD FS 3.0;

b) Update MS Dyn CRM to use https;

c) Run thr Configure Claims-Based Authentication Wizard;

d) Configured a trusted relying party for internal access;

e) Run the Configure Internet-Facing Deployment Wizard;

f) Configure a trusted relying party for external access.

8) Perform a Left Join Using FetchXML and Display Results in CRM 2013

9) Early Bound Updates Filling the Audit Log

Сomment 1 – you can achieve the same with early binding:
ctx.ContactSet.Where(c => c.FullName == “early bound”).Select(r => new Contact() {Telephone1 = r.Telephone1, [add other attributes you need}).FirstOrDefault();

Comment 2 – Don’t use the the context(ctx) to update the entity

pseudo code;
var updateContact = new Contact(){ Id = earlyContact.Id };
updateContact.Telephone1 = “777 7777”;

10)  Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 0.1 Full Text Search

>Full Text Search with Dynamics CRM 2015

11)  Display Only Date value from Date field in Dynamic CRM Global Email Template

12)Access Web Resources from Dynamics CRM tablet and mobile apps

13) Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Interview Questions

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