CRM 2015 – Customization

1.Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 – Business Process Flows

2. Good point – For what it’s worth, it sounds like your not using all the best practices for CRM release management. Microsoft released a white paper on this topic for CRM 2011. While I never recommend using managed solutions for release management, the rest of the advice is still good practice.

3. Customization Comparison can be done by Comparing the Customizattion.xml file inside the packaged solution zip file. Here is the link explains steps.

4. Business Process Flow and Bulk Update of Process and Stage

Let’s imagine following situation – customer decided to use Business Process Flow for one of entities that already existed in CRM. You designed required BPF and everything looks great for new records. But what to do with existing records?


As an alternative, for people who maybe don’t have Visual Studio and want to achieve this completely ‘inside’ CRM, they could add an ‘on demand’ workflow that uses the ‘Switch Process’ custom workflow step (originally coded by Scott Durow) that can be found in the free ‘Workflow Essentials’ solution (
Then, the bulk workflow executor (again free and found here could be used to execute this workflow against a system or personal view. There is a throttling control too to help with high data volumes.

The only thing this doesn’t do (yet) is the ‘clean’ processid and stageid but I may try to get the custom workflow step enhanced to do this in a future release.

5. How to MS CRM 2015 Integration with external systems using SSIS.

6. A very good description about man/unman solutions – Questions on Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions and environments

Additionally – MS TechNet library Use segmented solutions and patches to simplify solution updates

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