CRM 2013 : Implementation tricks

1) Dynamics Cloud vs On-Premise

2) Install CRM 2013 Server and Reporting Extensions with Minimum Permissions and No Internet.

>>  I guess you might also want to reference something on best practise/minimum permissions for the SQL components as well:

For example because the default VA’s are not supported by CRM 2013 for the SSRS service account I suspect a domain user account would be preferable to Local System?

>> If I install SQL I would normally create a domain user to run the SSRS service account. However, when I’m on client site I normally get given access to the SQL/SSRS boxes already installed and told to install CRM and “make it work”! 🙂 So a simple change from default VA to Local System seems the easiest.

3) With the Dynamics CRM Spring 2014 release, Microsoft introduced a wealth of exciting feature enhancements and new product additions designed to help sales, marketing and customer services professional deliver amazing customer experiences and drive sales through the roof.

The release includes a brand new marketing automation suite, a complete customer care platform and integrated social listening.

• Dynamics Marketing Overview
• Social Insights
• Social Listening
• Unified Service Desk
• Enterprise Case Management
• Server-side Synchronization and SharePoint Enhancements
• Introduction to Parature
• Licensing and Pricing

4) emailing functionality for MSCRM 2013 online having Exchange Online and Exchange On-Prem Users:  Server side sync option  works only for the Exchange Online.

5) Have a look on this (upgrade from crm 4 to crm 2013):

6) Duplicate Detection Rule Republisher

Как Вы знаете – после публикации кастомизации иногда «слетаю» некоторые Правила поиска дубликатов. Переходят в неактивное состояние. Происходит это потому, что публикация затронула метаданные, которые используются в Правиле поиска дубликатов.

Duplicate Detection Rule Republisher – консольное приложение, которое позволяет массово публиковать неактивные Правила поиска дубликатов.

7) Business Rules

Below link has detailed explanation about Business Rules in CRM.

8) Step by Step: Configuring CRM 2013 Internet facing deployment (IFD)

9) information from  Linkedin Group:

Google removed support for modal dialogs from Chrome 37+. Many web apps, including Dynamics CRM use modal dialogs, so CRM users have needed to modify a registry setting to workaround this issue temporarily. See for more information.

Microsoft is releasing a series of CRM hotfixes in April to enable customers to continue using Chrome when the workaround stops working, also in April.

CRM 2011 customers will need UR18 and a critical, on-demand hotfix
CRM 2013 customers will need UR13 and a critical, on-demand hotfix
CRM 2013 SP1 customers will need to update to UR3, available in April 2015
CRM 2015 customers will need to update to UR1, available in April 2015
CRM Online customers will automatically have the hotfix applied during routine maintenance in April

More information will be provided as it becomes available, but please use this information to plan and schedule your CRM maintenance next month.

Disabling showModalDialog

The web platform has evolved organically over the past two decades, slowly growing new capabilities and APIs. Many features that are added are great ideas that enable web developers to make even better applications.


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