Tools and Add-ons for CRM 2013

1) International address validation software now available on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

2) Javascript for disabling Ribbon button based on conditions (CRM 2013).

3)Here is an interesting article about configuring Yammer with CRM!!!

4) Financial Services Templates and Demo Solution Pack for Microsoft CRM

5)How to Bulk Delete Workflow Jobs in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Project Description
The goal of this project is to provide:

  • A single application to launch all tools I developed until now
  • A fastest way to create new Tools (for me and for you)

The tool itself does not embbed any business logic, it just displays all tools in a list, manages connections to CRM organizations and provide the possibility to open these tool in a single interface. It comes with a public interface that allows any developer to write its own tool as a library. The tool reads all assemblies in its folder location that implements the public interface.

As this tool is useless without plugins, it is shipped with more than ten tools to help you configure and customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and 2013 (see the list below).

To learn how to develop your own tool, read the documentation

You can support my work by making a donation (Read more).

List of included plugins

Solution Transfer Tool
Access Checker
Attribute Bulk Updater
Audit Center
FetchXml Tester
Metadata Document Generator
Privileges Discovery
Role Updater
Script Finder
SiteMap Editor
Solution Import
Easy Translator
View Layout Replicator
Web Resources Manager

7) Unified Service Desk (USD) – что это такое и с чем его едят

  • Особенности и возможности
• Настраиваемый поиск по одной или нескольким сущностям
• Настраиваемые сценарии звонка
• Настройка последовательности шагов сценария и подсказок к ним
• Поддержка контекста
• Действия
• Открытие закладки с записью CRM
• Открытие закладки с кастомным контентом
• Перемещение внутри сценария
• Установка фокуса на поля внутри формы открытой записи
• Сессионность
• Сессия запускается в контексте записи клиента
• Поддержка множества сессий одновременно
• В каждой сессии может быть открыто одновременно несколько вкладок с информацией
Особенности и возможности
• Приложения
• Организация SSO
• Глобальные и сессионные приложения
• Параллельная работа нескольких приложений
• Панель инструментов
• Настраиваемый вид
• Возможность добавления новых элементов
• Выполнение действий на основании контекста
• Интеграция
• Веб приложения
• Десктоп приложения
• Unified Service Desk Download Link –
• Unified Service Desk Admin Guide • Unified Service Desk Walkthroughs
• Unified Service Desk Templates входят в комплект SDK
• Демонстрация работы –

8)  Who needs a free customizable team calendar for Dynamics CRM 2013? Maybe you do.

Working with CRM 2013, CRM 2015 you see grid everywhere
• Grid on dashboard
• Grid on main list of enttiy
• Grid on form (when you add a sub-grid)
• Grid on from (when you click in the navigation link) (associated grid)
• Grid on the advanced find result window
• Grid on the lookup window

+ Changed to any system view or personal view.
+ Changed your CRM Grid to a new look and feel with your own define.
+ Install and use immediately.

10) Custom Alert Activity in Alert Status for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

11)  CRM 2013 Tool Review – Solution History for CRM 2013

12) Inline Editable Grid for IPAD App / CRM 2013 client.

13)I am looking for a third party add on / tool which can open a chat tool from my website and save the chat in MS CRM 2013 as a case…

14) Another Handy Tool Compliments of BusiPlanIT: Email to a Team


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    Dec 12, 2013 @ 09:11:47

    Tools and add-ions for CRM are good to consider if they are worth to put in action.


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