Workflows in CRM 2011 – 2016

UPD for CRM 2016

1.Setting Up Recurring Workflows in Dynamics CRM 2016

UPD for CRM 2015

1.Programmatically Move Cross Entity Business Process Flow Stages in CRM 2016

1) Guest Post: Send Email with Custom Entity Data via Workflow

2) Code to Reassigning and Publishing Workflow in CRM 2011

3) Handling Long running workflows

4) Duration between 2 dates using workflows

5)How to fill To field with customer info for email workflow

Scenario: 60 days before the “Contract End Date”, the workflow should send a notification email to the “Customer”.
Question: In “Set Properties” for Email, which Dynamic Values should be selected so that the email is sent to the customer?
Currently, both option sets under the “look for:” heading do not show an option for the email field selection. We are using Dynamics CRM Online.

Found answer here. Thanks to Neil Benson.

6) On demand workflows run on the security role of the person who is using it, while automatic workflow runs on the role of the owner. Creation of any record in on-demand workflow will always have the user who runs the workflow as the owner, unless the owner field is set to have someone else in the workflow “create” step.

7) Tutorial – CRM 2011 Workflows and Processes (youtube)


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