External web-access to CRM (AD FS and others)

UPD for CRM 2016

  1. SSL Certificates and AD FS


1) CRM 2011 – Articles, documents and videos on setting up IFD for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

2) Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 & AD FS Suggestions

 3)  MS CRM 2011 IFD error (from Linkedin)

I have installed CRM 2011 in a VM with adfs 2.0. Claims based authentication and IFD has been configured successfully and when i try to access the site through the browser i get the sign-in page but once i enter the id and password it gives an error “There was a problem accessing the site. Try to browse to the site again.
If the problem persists, contact the administrator of this site and provide the reference number to identify the problem.
Reference number: 2a3e7363-1d2f-483e-8fb8-29c9bf700cf6 ” every time this Reference number changes. i tried disabling and re-configuring IFD but it does not work i get the same error. Kindly help me with this.
Surya N • i tried the steps shown in the video “IFD for Microsoft Dynamics Crm 2011” every thing works well until the login , then i get this error.

Vikas Sankla • Surya,

Pl. Check Claims based rules in ADFS that might be a problem .

David Finley • Check out the Blog we did here:


Our problem was the MetaData URL.

Ashwani Raghav • Did anyone find the resolution for this issue? I am also having this issue for one user out of more than 500 users and only some machines.

David Finley • You may want to look at this too.

Slightly different error, but caused by a user being logged in or having tokens present in a browser that is using a different authentication.

Aaron Richards • If you are seeing the error on the ADFS redirect before redirected to the CRM URL, I would look at the detailed errors in the Event Viewer on the ADFS machine to get a better idea. If it is getting past the redirect and the error is occurring at the CRM URL before the CRM site is generated, then I would enable verbose platform tracing in CRM to review the error there.

4) Configuring Service Principal Names

5) I am looking for the best solution for web access to CRM data and functionality, not using CRM screens.

6) MS CRM 2011 On-premise and singin with LiveID

When you come back to IFD. This may help.

7)Need Help IFD for external user

I have a on premise xrm installed on my home, I want to do IFD for internal users. My question is “Is any domain name registration required for IFD to access on premise crm from internet” using Active Directory User Cred????

Jesse Elve • Yes. Otherwise, your external users would only be able to access your CRM server by its IP address. Since you’re at home, I assume you likely don’t have a stable IP so you will want to use a dynamic DNS service. If you don’t care what your URL looks like, most of these services will give you a free subdomain to use. E.g. Neeraj.dnsdynamic.org or similar. Please feel free to contact me directly if you need additional help!

8) http://www.interactivewebs.com/blog/index.php/server-tips/microsoft-crm-2011-how-to-configure-ifd-hosted-setup/

9) Dynamics CRM Claims and IFD Troubleshooting

10) This is a compilation of resources intended to help you understand how to configure and troubleshoot Dynamics CRM Claims / Internet Facing Deployments (IFD).


Might want to look at this one. Is kind of a more step by step approach, rather than the MS white paper bla.


11)  ADFS Self Signed Certificates and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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