Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Chart & DashBoard

1) Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Charting Basics

2) Dashboarding Feeds in MSCRM Part 2 

3) One thing that I was curious about with the first release was how to embed an SSRS report into a Dashboard, and of course our good friends on the Microsoft CRM Team had an answer for that here.

4) How to Fix: Invalid Parameter Error When Viewing Dashboards or Sitemap in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 –

5) Types of reports:

I explained to Pete that there are many of the standard (without configurable customization) dropdown dashboard lists that are offered complete with colorful graphics that you can view to assist analyzing your statistics:

 Record Counts – This is where Pete can view the count of a variety of CRM records such as the last seven days completed phone calls by each sales rep or number of active opportunities per sales rep.

 Exception Management – Using this Pete can view overdue sales or service activities per owner.  He can monitor outstanding actions and how they are handled.

Sales Goals –For monitoring his team’s sales performance, Pete can define sales quotas per month, quarter, or fiscal year.  Then with this drillable dashboard, Pete can look at reps’ opportunities and their actual vs. forecasted revenue. He can also easily filter the view by hovering the mouse over the owner and then view the report by opportunities. There is also a view for the individual reps to view their personal performance including the percentage of their quota completed .

Opportunity Pipeline By The Sales Stage –By using pipeline sales stages, Pete can drill into the sales funnel and easily see the owners of opportunities at each sales stage and to look at the opportunities revenue by owners and dollars.

Leads Per Source –This chart allows Pete to analyze lead percentages by source.  This can then be used to determine where you are getting the most leads – via referrals, shows, website, or other marketing vehicles.

Revenue Stream –This line graph dashboard allows Pete to view the estimated opportunity revenue by month, and the projected close dates for those opportunities.

Pete is now using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboards to be able to evaluate all of his sales management and sales team processes effectively and is even more efficient.  The proficient and numerous dashboards in CRM allow crystal clear evaluation of the performance of his organization, allowing Pete the ability to be more resourceful, too.

6) We can add to dashboard: – Chart; List (grid); IFrame; Web Resource.

We can use FormXml to change Dashboard and entity Form.

7) Custom Charting Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

8)Does anyone know of a resource to add additional chart types to the MS CRM?

David Finley • Not exactly sure what you had in mind, but we have built out some custom charting solutions using Silverlight, flash charts, and recently with jQuery.

These type of solutions are custom built and in some cases are grabbing data from 50 million records to build a custom chart.

Kevin Smith • Hi Matt – If you know how to make changes to XML you can simply create a chart and export it and then edit the XML and reimport the new chart. See link below for some examples and a quick “how to”. Great way to make custom charts: 3D, Cylinder, Doughnut, Square Based Funnel,

Jukka Niiranen • To get an understanding of the types of charts you can produce in CRM, download and install this sample solution from Mark AuCoin’s blog:

A great resource for all things related to tweaking the appearance of CRM charts, head straight to the CRM Chart Guy’s blog:

9) KPIs, Forecasting and Dashboard ideas for Sales Managers using Microsoft CRM

10 ) Can I hide dashboards from specific user groups or roles?


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