How to… Web development in CRM 2011

1) Dynamically Generating URLs for Cached Web Resources for Microsoft Dynamics CRM  (by Nick Doriot)

2) Need help to Prevent two user open same lead form.

<..I want to prevent one of the user from proceed to case form. So that only one user can proceed to the case…>

Neil Benson • CRM 2011 does not offer a standard record locking feature; very few modern web apps do. I suggest you perform some internet searches for “record locking” or “concurrency control” and read through some of the suggestions and ideas you will find, such as this one:

3) Displaying LinkedIn Profile on Dynamics CRM Contact Form

4)What would cause a CRM 2011 On-Premise OrganizationData.svc to not be found?

Both the http://{servername}:5555/{OrgName}/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc and the http://{servername}:5555/{OrgName}/XRMServices/2011/Discovery.svc respond, but http://{server}:5555/{OrgName}/XRMServices/2011/OrganizationData.svc yields a 404 Page Not Found? I can see the OrganizationData.svc file in that folder in IIS. Any thoughts?

>>  That’s actually the way it’s supposed to work. You can’t access the OrganizationData.svc (REST Service) from outside. It can only be accessed from a webresource hosted on the server.
That’s why you get the 404.


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