Reports in CRM 2011

1) Run Fetch XML Report on Selected Record in Dynamics CRM 2011

2) Personalizing Reports for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 

3) Syntax when using CTEs in an SSRS Report Dataset for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

4) SQL Report Builder for Business Intelligence

SQL Report Builder Training for Business Intelligence – Learn How To Create Dashboard Objects, Reports, and Data-Driven Maps Quickly And Easily Using FREE Download From Microsoft

You can attend this training live at the free SQL Saturday event in Redmond WA on Feb 25, 2012.
play video
SQLReportBuilderForBusinessIntelligence.mpg –

SQL Report Builder Training for Business Intelligence – Learn How To Create Dashboard Objects, Reports, and Data-Driven Maps Quickly And Easily Using FREE Download

5) Is there a way to schedule reports to be emailed through CRM 2011 

• Using SRS you can easily write a report and schedule it to deliver via e-mail.
We write SRS reports against CRM all the time and deploy to SRS. We then use SRS to schedule and deliver to various executives daily or weekly.
You can run your own SRS server and use FetchXML to retrieve data from CRM online to generate the report.

Your SRS report has to use FetchXML. is a good tutorial to follow on building reports using FXML, it has following images and easy instructions to building your first query. Deploying it is pretty simple, a WF can handle e-mailing you the results of this report, building the right query could be the only challenge.

7) Ad-hoc Comments on CRM Reports 

8) Why my navigation control isn’t clickable in report? (error message –

The Hyperlink expression for the text box ‘censored’ contains an error: Operator ‘&’ is not defined for string “censored” and type ‘Guid’)

9) Tips for better performing Microsoft Dynamics CRM SQL reports in SSRS

10)  can anyone offer an explanation on how the sales pipeline works? — Richard Knudson has the best tutorials on CRM sales pipeline stuff I have ever seen. Check out his website at

11)  Does anyone know a way to get the # of activities, contacts etc. to appear in the column of a dashboard which lists accounts?

12) Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Charts to Count Records (5000+)

13) Отсутствует значение параметра “CRM_FilteredXYZ” при запуске отчета
В английской версии системы сообщение звучит как “CRM_FilteredXYZ parameter is missing a value”.

14) MS CRM 2011: Sharing Summary Report

15) Хранилище файлов  Excel в CRM

16) Date Time field in custom SSRS report

In Report Properties Reference Section add a reference to Microsoft.Crm.Reporting.RdlHelper assembly. Also add a parameter CRM_UserTimeZoneName and set its default value to GMT Standard Time. Whenever you use the date field on report convert the UTC format of date to the user timezone. Use the expression given below:

=CStr(Format(IIf(IsNothing(Fields!ink_billingperiodfromutc.Value), Nothing,CDate(Microsoft.Crm.Reporting.RdlHelper.DateTimeUtility.ConvertUtcToLocalTime (Fields!ink_billingperiodfromutc.Value,Parameters!CRM_UserTimeZoneName.Value))),”dd MMM yyyy”))

17) T-SQL Union operation and FetchXml based reports
18)CRM Online 2011 – Creating an e-mail activity with PDF format custom SSRS report as an attachment

19)MS CRM 2011: General approaches to generation of reports

 Following article describes general steps to use web services of Reporting Services.
20) MS CRM 2011: ‘Publish report for external use’ functionality brakes subreports
21) LookupSet Function in SSRS reports
22) Встраивание отчета в панель мониторинга (report in dashboard)
23) Dynamics CRM 2011 – Limitations of Report Wizard (OOB)
24) Hiding the menu bar for reports created using SSRS 2008 in CRM 2011
25) The ability to write custom reports is a standard feature of CRM 2011.
There are training courses:
And MSDN articles
And TechNet articles, and blog articles, and YouTube videos, and lots of other resources available to help you. Bing is your friend.
26) How to make report in SSRS for MicrosoftDymaninics CRM and xCRM visual studio
2.File—New—project business intelligence
4.Report Server Project the solution explore there is 3 folder
a.shared data source
b.shared data set
6.just right click on Shared Data Set and select Add New Data Set

7.Click on new name,type,and data-source then ok.
9.right click on Report (c) new report and choose your data set.
11.make query and design your report.

27)  How to Create a Power View Report in Excel with CRM Data

28) SSRS Prefiltering for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On-Premise in a Snap

An example query without pre-filtering:

SELECT accountid, name FROM FilteredAccount
The same query with pre-filtering enabled:
 SELECT accountid, name FROM FilteredAccount AS CRMAF_FilteredAccount

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