Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for Outlook

1) Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for Outlook

2) Cannot authenticate your credentials error when configuring Microsoft CRM 2011 for Outlook 

3) CRM Outlook Client Offline – “Sales Force Automation Error”

4) CRM 2011 for Outlook Sync Errors 

5)  Outlook CRM Client Troubleshooting: A Guide for the Rest of Us!

6)  CRM 2011 Outlook Client Tracing: How to Perform a Trace

7) Maintaining the Outlook Client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

8) Advice: Try adding the rules for Outlook manually –
Before we moved to Exchange 2010 we used Exchange 2007 and never had issues with tracking emails. After we moved to 2010 every time we tried to apply the rules it would say “mailbox not found”. I found some post that indicate you have to setup the CRM email users to be able to impersonate all CRM users mailbox, for us this is a security concern and have not found a way around it.

9) LinkedIn discussion:  Sharing contacts in CRM

I have a record in CRM that needs to be shared with two different lead owners. Is there a way to have this contact shared in CRM so it shows in both person’s Outlook contacts?

My method is to manually add my favorite contacts to a static marketing list, and then I set up a sync filter to sync members of my marketing list with Outlook. I add contacts to the list all the time regardless of the owner. Every couple of months I remove contacts I no longer need to sync.

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