MS CRM 2011 – Administration

UPD 26/02/2016

AD and MS CRM sync

There are also options direct from MS to handle this such as DirSync. Have a look at the guidance from Microsoft before you spend money on 3rd party solutions:

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1.  CRM 2011 and Restoring the SSRS server

I wanted to validate the SSRS connector installation on a fresh SSRS box installation. After building the base Windows 2008 server, installing and configuring SSRS, I thought it would be pretty straight forward to reinstall the Microsoft CRM 2011 SSRS connector. <…>

2. Minimum permissions required for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Setup, services, and components 

3. Top Five Tips for Troubleshooting Generic SQL Error Messages in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 

4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Q4 2011 Service Update Features Overview – Update Rollup 5 – CRM Outlook Client Enhancements;  Dialogs & Workflows;  Business Intelligence; Duplicate Detection Rules; Activity Feeds.

4.1  Scheduling Recurring Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online and On-Premise

5. Field Level Security in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 

6. CRM Outlook Installation Issue 

7. Getting started for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online administrators

8.  Helping Users with Lookup Options 

9 CRM 2011 – Free getting started guides for CRM 2011 

10.  Deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRM Online Solutions from Development through Test and Production Environments

11 Смена языка в Процессах CRM 2011 (by Артем Enot Грунин )

12 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Performance Counters (via the Windows Performance Monitor (Start->”perfmon” in search box))

13 REVIEW: Diagnostics Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 

14 CRM Implementation Advice

Hi I am new to the group. We just purchased Microsoft CRM and Sharepoint. I am the project lead on this. Does anyone have any tips/suggestions/ or issues they ran into when you were implementing your system you could share with me?
Sudip Chakrovorty DCRM offline client doesnt support Sharepoint.
For eg. if you are using outlook for DCRM in disconnected mode and your system is using SP to store Documents.
You can not upload or retrieve them in offline mode. Let me know what exactly you are looking for.

15. 5 Key Ingredients for a Successful CRM Implementation

16. CRM 2011: How to use Visual Ribbon Editor Tool?  

17. Microsoft CRM – Duplicate Detection Guide  

18 SQL Server 2012 is Now Officially Supported for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Also 4.0 

19. I need implementation Plan for MS Dynamics  …
Question —
we are use the Microsoft Dynamics in our Company and I need Implementation plan to start .
Our company specialist In Handling Systems Manufacturing , we have 50 deference type of handling systems family such as heavy skid conveyor, Rollers Gravity conveyor and Light Skid Conveyor. Please I need implementation plane for our company.

Answer – Rune Daub • I suggest you check out SureStep, which is the officiel implementation model for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NAV and AX.
You will be able to get a full range of templates and a full implemenation proces/plan from that. You need to be registered with Microsoft Partner portal to download it, but it is well worth it.
/Rune Daub

20.  CRM 2011 Timeouts and Limits

21. Steps to change Server URL/Machine name after deploying Dynamics CRM 2011

22. Add new Deployment Administrator through SQL (Unsupported)

23 True or False – All CRM Users must have atleast one assigned security role to be able to login to CRM? Linkedin and article

24. CRM 2011 OnPremise: A basic two servers deployment

Recently I had an opportunity to guide one of my colleagues with a simplistic 2 servers (OnPremise) deployment of MS Dynamics CRM 2011


26.  Move CRM security group on AD?

As we know that CRM create 4 security group on Active Directory when it is installed.
Right know, i’m facing the situation that i need reorganize the Active Directory for the CRM deployment. Can i only “cut and paste” CRM security group into new Organization Unit without any problem with my CRM deployment? Or i have to re-install (backup&restore) the deployment?

Andrii Butenko • Hello, As far as I know there is only one supported way to do that – redeployment.

27.  Adding Multiple Users to Dynamics CRM 2011

I am involved in a deployment of Dynamics CRM 2011 for an organisation with over 2000 users. The “New Multiple Users” feature is useful here. All I have to do is to paste a list of usernames separated by semi-colons into the dialogue box.

However, this deployment is occurring in multiple releases, with each release delivering key functionality for one or more sets of users. Users are added with each release. Some of these users already exist on the system, and the system flags such usernames as errors/invalid entries.

The problem is that the system stops validating usernames in my list after it finds the first one. The ideal would be to for the system to identify all the invalid entries all at once, so I can edit them out of my list in one effort. My next trial should then be successful. Does anyone know a better way of doing this?

Answer:  You could use Powershell to script the addition of the users, as shown here:

Or, to offer even more control, you could add a user by calling the web service, perhaps parsing a csv file of users you wish to add, and outputting a csv of failed additions:


Answer 2:

yes, depend on need either client side (odata) , Server side code (service) or can use data import wizard (can eliminate duplicates too).

  >> I”d second Adam’s solution: why not use the built in data import?
You can export the XML template file easily, update it in Excel and then re-import it. It’s completely standard, doesn’t need developments or scripts and is easy to do.

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