Video – Reporting Options in CRM 2011

 A) Video – Reporting Options in CRM 2011
by Hosk

An excellent video from zero2ten about the available reporting options in CRM 2011. This video goes through the available options and shows you an example. I was impressed with the excel pivot tables and I didn’t know you could upload them into CRM with the other reports

In this video the 4 main ways in which reporting can be done in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 are covered:

1) Advanced Find and Charts
2) Excel Pivot Tables and Worksheets
3) SQL Report Services – Report Wizard
4) CRM Dashboards

b) from Neil’s blog

  1. Built-in reporting features: system and personal views using Advanced Find, exporting to Excel with static and dynamic worksheets and pivot tables, the Report Wizard feature, charts and dashboards. The CRM Resource Center contains a good introduction to CRM reporting. Additionally, these topics and more are all covered in the CRM 2011 Customization training course and there are lots of learning materials available (books, e-courses, classroom courses, blog articles).
  2. Custom reports: Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses Microsoft’s reporting technology, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for business intelligence. Custom SSRS reports can be developed by a SSRS developer who understands the CRM data model using Visual Studio BIDS or by a data analyst using Report Builder and then displayed within the appropriate areas in the CRM interface. Again there are lots of good SSRS training options available.
  3. Really custom reports: there are various options available for meeting complex Dynamics CRM reporting requirements: Microsoft SharePoint and PerformancePoint, Zap Business Intelligence, QlikView, TARGIT and so on. You may not need to use any of these add-on products, but it’s often good to know that there are plenty of options available.



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