Dynamically filter a picklist in MS CRM

1. Part 1- http://crmxpg.nl/wp/2010/05/13/dynamically-filter-a-picklist-in-ms-crm/

там ще їх додаткові ф-ції юзаються – gLeft(), gLen() and gClearOptionList().

Part 2 – http://crmxpg.nl/wp/2011/02/14/dynamically-filter-a-picklist-in-ms-crm-part-2/


2.  Multi-select picklist –  supported solution (http://mscrm4ever.blogspot.com/2008/12/crm-40-supported-multi-select-picklist.html

Note for CRM 2011 – you also can’t host the iframe code in the /isv folder anymore. You need to host it in a different website on the same server.

Some more solutions –   http://mmcrm.ru/?p=428


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