Adding “Activate” and others Buttons to Microsoft CRM Activity Ribbons

1) Source 

2) 20 Feb 2013 –

Get Code Snippets to Clone a Record in CRM! This blog is related to the familiar request: “Can we get a button that will allow us to clone a record?.” This is one of the many “easy button” requests that we typically receive.

3) CRM2011 tutorial on how to create a Copy Invoice ribbon button using the XrmSvcToolkit and Visual Ribbon Editor.

4)  CRM 2011: Add Custom Ribbon Button on (Application Ribbon) Advanced Find

5) Adding a Button to the Main CRM Ribbon in 2011

6) Duplicate Record Button using Jscript in Microsoft CRM 2011

7)Javascript for CRM – “How to Override the Delete Button in the Ribbon Control.”

Javascript for CRM: How to override the default functionality of the delete button in the ribbon control and replace it with custom JavaScript for CRM in order to update the record or records via the OrganizationData service.


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