From LinkedIn : CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011: Experiences (Troubles) with Code Migration


Is anyone else experiencing problems with having to RE-write major parts of their Jscript code in CRM 2011? While nice, the JavaScript Converter comes very short in converting all the code that I and previous developers have written. I know this is most likely due to a lot of the code being unsupported, but this is turning into a major project upgrading clients that have pages and pages of OnLoad code.Does anyone have any ideas how to mitigate this? Or are you having to rewrite lines and lines of code? Anything you could share: best practices, examples or resources would help me (and everyone else) out greatly.

For example, I am finding myself having to spend lengthy amounts of time trying to find how to just hide a field and its labels depending on the value of another field.


Neil B. • Hi Michael, it sounds as though you (like most of us) have used a lot of unsupported JavaScript methods for user interface manipulation. You might have already read this page in the SDK, but it contains a useful section on new supported methods to replace previously unsupported methods to achieve these kinds of requirements.

Michael K. • Very good suggestion. There is also a better Javasciprt Converter out there at this site:


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