The best Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blogs

Source – Best of the Blogs: Our Top 5 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blogs (and Others Worth Reading)

Dynamics CRM Blogs

The top five stand out for their high scores across all, or most, of our criteria.

1. the official Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog, the strength of this vibrant resource comes primarily from the diversity of its guest bloggers. In addition to announcements of new products and features, experts from across the CRM landscape post both high-level and granular explanations of CRM and its features.

2. The Customer Effective Blog consistently provides valuable step-by-step instructions on how to implement a variety of features in Dynamics CRM. By walking through the necessary steps to implement these valuable, yet often overlooked features, Customer Effective Blog posts help simplify complex processes for developers at all skill levels, enabling business around the world to improve their efficiency and outreach.

3. A CRM Riff combines the strong consistency in duration of posts with interesting variety in content. Hosted by Jim Glass, a Microsoft insider who possesses his own unique perspective on Dynamics CRM developments, A CRM Riff frequently posts insightful, entertaining solutions inspired by Jim’s conversations with colleagues and customers. He brings together real world insight, a sense of humor, and seriousness about the value of Dynamics CRM.

4. Richard Knudson’s Dynamics CRM Trick Bag consistently posts very thorough articles involving a range of issues related to Dynamics CRM. The depth and at times astounding quantity of posts reflect Knudson’s passion for all things Dynamics CRM, and his desire to help high-level users and ‘down in the weeds’ developers effectively use and customize Dynamics CRM.

5. The strength of the PowerObjects Blog stems from its consistent dedication to the vast landscape of CRM. Posts clearly explain how to use new features, navigate hotfixes, and understand updates, while also providing more high-level discussions of the larger Dynamics CRM landscape. Importantly, this company-sponsored blog consistently examines the world outside of its company’s products, which are rarely ever mentioned in the blog. Instead, the PowerObjects Blog
enthusiastically educates its readers by examining ways in which to maximize Dynamics CRM in real-life scenarios.

Honorable mentions we hold in high regard and recommend

There are a lot of other great Dynamics CRM blogs out there that might not have scored high on all the criteria we picked.  All the blogs you see listed below (in alphabetical order) do great things and deserve to be read by anyone with an interest in Dynamics CRM:

Additional active blogs worth reading that discuss (amongst other topics) Dynamics CRM:


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