Guidance with CRM Reports

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When I try and do a report for CRM in VS2008, it just fails.
It works in VS2008 but not in CRM, it just says Reporting Error. The report is for the salesorder entity.
It has the CRMAF alias for the salesorder filtered view
Can anyone help please.

Donna Edwards • When you are in VS 2008, ensure you do not have the ‘Shared Datasource’ option checked in your datasource. Also, take a look at this article and see if it helps.

Jesse Krizik • From a technical standpoint, the first things I would suggest are:
1. Make sure the CRM SRS connector is installed and functioning properly (or just make sure other custom CRM reports are still working)
2. Run the report in CRM on the SRS server itself, as this could give you more error information; also consider enabling CRM debugging errors
3. Make sure the Report record you created contains the correct Related Entities and filters
If you can describe more about how you created the report, it may help also.

Mark Coleman • Check the event viewer for errors too. If you’re lucky, it’ll shed some light.
I have found good success (as a not so technical report writer) starting from an existing CRM report. Even if you totally change the report, if you start with one that has the tables you need and so forth, you can see how the report was built and start from a foundation that works.

Michael Mayo • That’s a very helpful post on how to create and deploy a report.
I would ask a few more questions though… What version of CRM? Is CRM DB on a SQL 2005 or SQL 2008 server. Also – are you able to run OOB CRM Reports? Do you have two CRM data sources in your report manager i.e. one outside the MSCRM folder and one inside? (the one inside should be using the connector if it’s installed and the one outside uses a SQL connection). The event log is a good place, but I would also look in the SSRS logs in programfiles\MSSQL folders…
Usually the first thing I try to do is determine the health of the out of the box CRM reports run both directly from the server (using the org id and system user id for login creds) and from CRM – like the user summary report – just to get a baseline.

Asrar Makrani • Had similar issues where report works in VS but not in CRM. In VS, I was using a Shared Datasource. I published the Reports project to SRS and the DataSource was available on ReportServer. Then proceeded to change the datasource for the report to the shared datasource because by default, the datasource will be pointing the MSCRM datasource. Worked like a charm.
Additionally, like Mark Coleman said, check the Event Viewer.

Michael Mayo • Asrar – Are you using the CRM Connector? Are you saying that you can use that shared data source to successfully create ‘Context Sensitive Reports’ using the CRMAF_ alias invoking the advanced find mechanism in CRM from that Shared Data Source rather than the MSCRM_Datasource?

Asrar Makrani • Nope Michael, its a simple report with custom filter options rather than the advanced find mechanism of CRM.

Marcel Van Den Aker • is CRM using SQL server 2005? because SRSS 2008 and SRSS 2005 are not compatible.

Donna Edwards • If you are still having trouble, you might want to consider posting to the CRM Forum for more assistance.

Marcus Mattson • I second Marcel’s question. If you are running SQL 2005, you can’t use VS2008 to upload reports. You will need to use VS2005. Unlike VS2008, the report builder in VS2005 is part of the suite – in 2008, it can be a standalone product.


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