Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Microsoft SharePoint integration introduction

CRM 2011


How to Resolve Error request for security token could not be satisfied

From CRM Team Blog

Now that the Microsoft CRM 2011 Beta is out, so is the much awaited feature of integration with Microsoft SharePoint. Microsoft SharePoint has nailed Document Management and the ability to collaborate on documents is very rich. The versioning control, simultaneous editing, checking in/out are some features in SharePoint that makes SharePoint as powerful as it is.


2) Another post  – Unveiling CRM 2011 features

Document Management

This provides the ability to integrate SharePoint site with CRM. By using this feature you can store the documents related to CRM in SharePoint and to manage this documents from within CRM itself. It also provides ability to create folder automatically but it needs SharePoint Server 2010 site and base site collection, this site hosted must have the Microsoft Dynamics CRM List component installed.


CRM 4.0 had the concept of defining a quota for the sales people but this was more of an information only kind of an area. There was no actual calculation or evaluation being performed behind the scenes to evaluate the sales person performance.

Now you can specify the goals for the fiscal quarter, fiscal year or for custom defined period. You can specify the timeframe and target at Goal level and criteria can be specified at Goal Metric level

3) Displaying an SharePoint document library as a subgrid or iframe in CRM 2011


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