Warning message when multiple Outlook clients are set to synchronize with CRM


Posted by Matt Weiler

If a user has the Outlook client installed on more than one computer, they will see this message when Outlook opens:

“You already have Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook installed on another computer…”

After reading this message, you might find yourself asking what’s the difference between being a primary and secondary client? Does that affect when or how CRM data is synchronized to the client? What about Outlook items being synchronized back to CRM?

Luckily for us (and our client), the MS CRM E2 team’s “Nuts and Bolts” series covered this exact topic! The full white paper is chock full of great information about the Outlook synchronization process, but for anyone else who’s been curious about this message, here’s a summary of the differences beween the primary and any secondary clients:
Being the primary synchronization client only affects Outlook data. All CRM data is synced the same way no matter if the client is the primary or a secondary.
Contacts, Tasks, and Appointments sync slightly differently between primary and secondary clients. When the primary client tracks, updates, or deletes one of these Outlook objects, they will immediately be synced back to CRM. When a secondary client does, the changes will not be synced back to CRM until the primary client performs its next sync.
Emails and the tracking of emails are handled the same for both primary and secondary client.



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