Microsoft Dynamics CRM Tip: Getting Answers to Your Questions Quickly

from    CRM Team Blog

Use the Microsoft Dynamics Forums to get your basic answers quickly.


The Microsoft Dynamics Forums are at We have a number of people from inside the company and CRM MVPs invested in getting you answers and getting them fast. Our answer rate is one of the highest in the company and we are working to make it even better. Here are the key facts to help you get the most from the Forums:

  • Create a Windows Live ID so that your questions (and answers) can be tracked. There are so many benefits to this step that I won’t enumerate them here.
  • Search to see if your question has already be ask and answered.
  • Ask in the Correct Forum. For example if the question is specifically about development, don’t ask in the CRM deployment forum.
  • Title the question clearly. A topic titled “HELP” does let the people who answer questions know if they are the right person to answer the question.
  • Give us enough information to help you. For example if you are using a legacy program like CRM 3.0 or such, we would need to know that before we try to answer the question

2. The Value of Training

big thanks to Steve Noe, CEO of one of the great Microsoft Dynamics CRM training facilities, Biz IT Pro.

Here are a few great links to help support those who want to get training, but who are struggling with the justification.

  1. Articulating the Value of Training by Zacharias Beckman
  2. The Value of Training by By Steve Muench, PhD, PE
  3. The Value of Training and the High Cost of doing nothing by IBM

3) Additionally –

Use Dynamics CRM Solution Center as a starting point

Use this landing page for easily finding key resources and solutions. Click on Advanced Search to instantly filter your searches on Dynamics CRM only KB and community solution content. Want only KB content? Unchek the Community solutions content, Microsoft Office Online, and Microsoft Answers and Windows Online checkboxes.


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