Tips and Tricks for CRM 2011 users

1) Tips and Tricks: Push Pop Ups to a new tab?

from  CRM Team Blog
While I luv the tabs in IE8 I hate having orphaned stand alone windows created by pop-ups. Blake Scarlavai of Sonoma Partners points out we can change our IE settings to open pop-ups in a new tab by:

Tools –> Options –> In General tab go to the Tabs section and click

Settings –> from ‘When a ‘pop-up is encountered’ select ‘Always open in a new tab.’

Not only does this help my problem but it changes the way Microsoft Dynamics CRM opens new windows every time a user double-clicks a record. Now every thing is in one IE window instantiation.

Yes, I’ve been running this way for over a year now, but I just figured out another important setting if you decide to do this: That is “Always switch to new tabs when they are created” other wise the new tab doesn’t always grab focus.

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