Microsoft Sure Step 2010 Exam Preparation – MB5-858

Update  1) 15/Nov/2011 – Sure Step 2012 is released
The latest version of Sure Step 2012 has been releasd and is available for download.

Source – Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2012 Lauched 

2)   Microsoft Releases Sure Step 2012 with Methodology Updates, New Material for Dynamics AX 2012, CRM 2011

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Sure Step 2010 –

Thanks  David Sutton for the post

Although the program itself is very simple to use with multiple ways of navigating through menus and documents, it requires an individual who understands the use for each document to gain the ability to really take full use of the Sure Step program.

From my point of view Sure Step is not so much a program, but more a library containing tools to provide the partner with the knowledge to help in an implementation of a Dynamics Product.

I am yet to sit the exam but in my preparation here are some tips that may help you.

Although this is a reasonably new product there are very comprehensive courses that provide anyone the skills to learn and become a real expert in Microsoft Sure Step. To begin, I recommend looking in the Microsoft learning site catalogue –

This Site provides five different Sure Step modules that go through:

– An introduction into Sure Step
– The implementation Phases in Sure Step
– How to manage an Implementation Project
– Customisation
– Several Project Scenarios

Note: This e-learning course states that it should take around 4 hours to complete – however, if you are taking notes it will most likely be longer than this.

Microsoft also provides a two day course that runs you through from the start until the end of the different phases and offerings. I highly recommend that you attend one of these if at all possible as it gives you a good comprehensive demonstration of the program.

Finally, one of the things you can do is to take the Proficiency Assessment; this allows you to get a feel for what the questions in the exam will be like.

The amount of prep and study undertaken I’m sure will be the deciding factor as well as having prior project management experience. All of the tools for learning and familiarising yourself with this program are provided for you by Microsoft.

Surestep e-learning catalog

Proficiency Assessment

Sure Step download

2) SureStep Methodology


Over the years I have been keeping my eye on the Microsoft SureStep Project Methodology. It was originally very ERP centric and as many of the CRM Consultants in the field know – CRM and ERP are very different projects! The audience, the style of design and the rollout are a different mindset.

Consider for instance that an ERP project is focused on a small group of people in the financial department with some interaction from management. CRM on the other hand spreads far and wide and can impact ever department and every person within a firm.

Needless to say despite keeping on eye on SureStep I have yet to embrace it.

With my latest deep dive into the application I can say that it has matured to a point where it is definitely worth checking out. There are still documents that need updating (references to Payroll and AP), but there are also a number of documents that can make your CRM projects much more professional, more organized and more successful.

So if you have not taken a look at SureStep and you are “reinventing the wheel” with regards to project templates or you think it is time to update what you are using then I would suggest that you log into Microsoft PartnerSource and download SureStep.


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