When Microsoft SSRS Is Installed on a Separate Server from Microsoft Dynamics CRM

From my experience

1.  For the Reporting Services Configuration Manager start, user has to have a remote access to server where SSRS was installed.

2. I have to start IE (for setting) and Visual Studio (for debugging) with “Run as administrator” command.

3. Plugin registration tools – the better way after un-registration   action is to delete this step and then – create it again. (New event may not be handled).

4. Web references for report services I re-wrote on the production environment (with new real – non virtual – links).

5. Report Service was strarted on behalf on special domain user (non Network service)

6. I verified  whether report is working after uploading to report service folder by starting it via IE – just click on  report name.

7. I use special user for  connection to reporting services. This user is local admin on the CRM server and has Contenet Manager rights in the Report folder (I did it via report manager). Also – I added this user’s account into report servers DBs (via SQL studio). Credentials for this user are written in code – so, this user must be removed from Domain Users group in AD.


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