Useful links

1) Power User Tip: Microsoft Dynamics CRM ~ Answers Online

If you have questions about Microsoft Dynamics CRM we have answers online (as well as in the product). Here is a guide that should be bookmarked by every power user:
2. List Add-ons for CRM (by Demian Adolfo Raschkovan)The other day I found a web site where are listed independently in different Add-ons for Microsoft products, including of course the CRM.
It is very interesting and useful to keep abreast of these different components and that can help a lot in their establishments.
I recommend you shop around this site: 

3) 54 Free Dynamics CRM Add-ons in the Community Exchange
by Darryl Henderson, Management Technology Consulting

The excellent developer members of our community all over the globe contribute their work as free add-ons and technology demonstrations – including the Microsoft built CRM Accelerators. There is great stuff and hundreds of people download them every week from the community Exchange site – Community Resources -> Contributed Share Software. It’s a free member sign-in location that accepts your Microsoft Live ID.

In most cases the Partner that submitted it is available to assist and extend it for you. This is the best way to connect to all the top talent in the Dynamics CRM platform community.

Partners that contribute work product to show-off their chops or just to get collaboration can also sign-up to get partner information about the visitor traffic on their works being downloaded – and it’s great for SEO linking back to your site!

As always anyone can add anything to the Exchange free anytime – from your blog, company description, flyer, press release, white paper, products, your services – pricing – anything you can URL can be added to drive social knowledge aggregation in this group. Partners can participate in traffic analysis and management – if you haven’t already gotten your Partner Portal authorization get it now – click Partner I the top right corner menus on the site.

4.A great guide is the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation Guide.

Following the CRM Team’s blog is another means.

The CRM Online teams blog

Videos at

You’ll also find alot of info at the Microsoft CRM Resource Center.

5. CRM Plugin Registration and Un-registration Utility

The utility can be downloaded from here.


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