New Free SQL Server Whitepapers


Automating DBA Processes for Microsoft SQL Server

Want to save time, reduce errors, quickly get things done and standardize preventative maintenance of your SQL Server environment? Simple – automate your important database administration tasks. No matter how big or small your SQL Server environment, you’ll benefit from automation.

At a recent PASS Summit gathering, a group SQL Server experts discussed best practices for automating database administration processes and activities. This Quest white paper highlights the best parts of this discussion. Download it today.

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Query Tuning Strategies for Microsoft SQL Server
It’s a no brainer – poor query performance leads to poor database performance. Improve your SQL Server queries and you optimize performance, decrease downtime and maximize your budget. Oh – and you increase your value as a SQL Server professional!

In this Quest white paper, find the tips, tricks and best practices to ensure optimal performance tuning of your queries. Topics include:
Functions and expressions that suppress indexes
Querying against composite keys
…and much, much more.
Get the best practices for tuning queries, and maximize SQL performance across your environment. Read this white paper today.

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Simplify SQL Server Management: Helpful SQL Server Tips

Optimizing SQL Server performance isn’t easy. There’s a lot of information about solving performance problems, but not much about the specifics – let alone how to adapt the answers to your environment!

But did you know getting peak performance from your SQL Server environment CAN be easy? It can – if you’ve got the right tips and tricks! In this free e-Book, get the information you need – straight from the experts – to ensure SQL Server quality, performance and availability.

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