Новый релиз VPC с MS Dynamics CRM 4

Новый релиз VPC с MS Dynamics CRM 4

Автор: Катерина Головчан в рубриках: ms crm 4.0, Новости MS CRM

Предыдущая версия VPC с MS CRM 4 вот-вот заканчивается по датам, так что вышел новый релиз. Появились некоторые новые дополнения,например Office 2010, веб портал акселераторов,а также тулза, которая запускает и останавливает сервисы и кэширует страницы для более быстрого выполнения на не очень мощных машинах.

Ссылки для партнеров и клиентов через PartnerSource или CustomerSource:CRM 4 July 2010 VPC.part01.exe https://mbs.microsoft.com/fileexchange/?fileID=d4dc2e74-56ea-42a6-9138-3ac6cd6e1aad
CRM 4 July 2010 VPC.part02.rar https://mbs.microsoft.com/fileexchange/?fileID=b893ee03-1a0c-4aec-8da9-6586a8efc9d0
CRM 4 July 2010 VPC.part03.rar https://mbs.microsoft.com/fileexchange/?fileID=42fce544-1b14-4e1a-a477-e04c56c51c39
CRM 4 July 2010 VPC.part04.rar https://mbs.microsoft.com/fileexchange/?fileID=385a09e6-d9ae-4991-bfb5-b028102e80d8

AND – from Ben’s post

“Fixing the Customer Portal and Partner Portal in the latest VPC
by benvollmer

The Demo team has been working their backside off and re-released a new VPC image that has some very slick features in it around a Minimal CRM Foot print Profile that runs just CRM and SQL and runs in about a 1.5G of RAM.

The current VPC from April of ’09 expires on August 11th of this year and this new one will not expire until August 12th 2011. So it gives a little while longer.

You can download it from PartnerSource by clicking here. https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/deployment/methodology/vpc/msdcrm4vpcrerelease.htm?printpage=false

When starting the image, the Customer and Partner Portal didn’t work for me. So I wrote a little script that copies the correct MetaBase.XML to IIS and resets IIS. Click here to download it.

Hope this works for you!



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