Password Security

by Teresa
Even though we use passwords every day, we often forget the importance of using a password.  We also see people using simple passwords and sharing those passwords with other people.
The reason passwords are so important is because they are used as a first defense to protect our information from unauthorized access.  All information can be vulnerable, such as banking, personal, organizational, customer information, financial, and so forth.  Passwords are at the foundation of security for information, computer, and network security.
There is an increasing number of attacks on computer systems worldwide and technology used to crack password has become so sophisticated that a simple password can be broke in a matter of seconds by malicious user.�
Creating a complex password not only reduces the risk to your private information, it will also reduce the risk of your organization private information.
To ensure that you have a strong password make sure your password consists of 3 of the 4 items below:
At least one upper case letter. (A – Z)
At least one lower case letter. (a – z)
At least one number. (0 – 9)
Special Characters
To check to the strength of your password you can measure it on the Password Meter located at the following link:

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