Forwarded emails with large attachments tracked in CRM via Outlook

> > I have a question about attachments in emails that are tracked in
> > Microsoft CRM 4.0.
> > When we use the Outlook Client for CRM and click Track in CRM or Set
> > Regarding on the toolbar, what happens to the attachments as users
> > forward the emails in Outlook to multiple people? Does CRM store a
> > single reference to the attachment, or are there multiple copies made?
> > Thanks in advance!
> > Daniel Johnson, Jr.
> > Cincinnati, Ohio
> I believe it creates multiple instances as attachments are effectively
> stored as notes and notes can only be attached to one record, not
> multiple.

> Leon Tribe
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CRM stores the attachment multiple times in the SQL database. Did a
test to figure out what happens.
1. From personal GMail, sent email with an attachment ‘creepy-surgical-
mask.jpg’ to my work email address, which is in my test CRM
2. Received email. Clicked Track in CRM on Outlook toolbar, and set
regarding a particular CRM record.
3. Forwarded this email to 4 other users in my test CRM org
4. In Outlook clicked View in CRM to see the CRM record for the email.
5. CRM noted that the email address was not associated with a Contact.
Chose a Contact to associate it with. Saved record.
6. Clicked link in Regarding to open related CRM record.
7. Clicked History. Saw two records: one for initial tracked email;
one for forwarded email.
8. Opened CRM SQL database.
9. select * from ActivityMimeAttachment where FileName=’creepy-
10. Noticed two records with distinct ActivityMimeAttachmentId’s.
Body field contains textual representation of ‘creepy-surgical-
So, if you do not want to track the attachment multiple times in CRM,
remove it from the email when you forward to others.
Make it a great day!
Daniel Johnson, Jr.,
Cincinnati, Ohio

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