Development tricks

CRM 4.0
Call an Update on the Post Update event of an entity
Now everyone knows, this would result in a recursive loop. It is always preferred that in such cases, the attribute that needs to be updated should be added to the property bag in the Pre-Update event itself.
However, if you do come across a situation where you need to update an attribute on the successful update of another attribute of the same entity, you might want to check the “Depth” property that is available in the Plug-in context.
The Depth property stores the depth of the plug-in that is count of the call that has been made to the same plug-in. In case of our situation, when it calls itself the depth is incremented and we can break the recursion by check for Depth Count > 1.
2) Hiding Sections on a CRM 4 Form
3) Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Filtered Lookup
by Marcello Tonarelli
A simple mechanism for filtering a inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.
Does not harm the built in searching capabilities – does not make the lookup search box disappear like the orthodox filter does.
How it works:
1. A plugin.
2. A registry change.
3. JavaScript calls on form.
There is a readme.txt supplied with the download
4) Changing the Title in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4
    unsupported customization
5) Making a Field Appear Twice on a CRM Form
6) Decrypting CRM JavaScript Runtime Errors
7) How to change the grid icons dynamically

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