Sending e-mails with pictures and web links

Sending e-mails with pictures and web links

I need to send an e-mail for an event. The e-mail should include a picture, a company logo, and a URL link for regsirtation. I cannot get the picture or URL link into a template or mount an e-mail campaign that allows me a Word attachment (not ideal anyway) to include the pictures and link.

Has anyone done this successfully in CRM 4.0 without special add-ins?

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  1. Hi Gregory, all you need to do is design your HTML email in your favourite HTML designer and then paste the web page into a CRM e-mail template form. The pictures will need to be hosted on the internet (they can’t be attached to the email) and referenced in the HTML.

    Unfortunately, you can’t use e-mail templates within a CRM marketing campaign, but you can send direct email to a marketing list using an e-mail template.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Someone posted a solution for me in another forum.

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    Chinmay Patel

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant


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