Delegate functionality (appointments and oth. from shared calendar)

TOPIC: Delegate functionality
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Date: Thurs, Mar 4 2010 8:58 pm
From: ~Jij
I have Crm 4.0 with Update RollUp 7 installed. I have not been able to get
the delegate functionality working properly.
We have secretaries who would like to schedule appointments for managers by
looking at the managers shared calendar. They should also be able to track
these appointments to CRM. Has anyone managed to do this properly. Any
assistance appreciated.
Thank you
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Date: Fri, Mar 5 2010 4:29 am
From: Dave Ireland
Hi ~Jij,
Yes, although it took a MSFT support ticket to sort it out.  First, get to
Roll up 8 on the server and the clients workstations.  There was abug in
RU7 that was addressed in RU8 – here is the text from the RU8 readme:
"After you install Update Rollup 7, you cannot enable the DelegateMailboxEnabled
feature. Even if you create the DWORD DelegateMailboxEnabled registry entry
under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\MSCRM, and then set the value to 1 to enable
the feature, you cannot track items in Microsoft Dynamics CRM which exist
in a shared calendar, task folder, or contact folder in Outlook."
Once your software is on RU8, then each client workstation that will participate
in the calendar sharing (so in you case both the assistants and the managers)
need to have the registry key added (as described here:
to their workstation.  That was the part that we were missing – we didn’t
have the registry set on everyone’s machine.
Dave Ireland

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