Can we run email marketing campaign and track the email response?

Can we run email marketing campaign and track the email response through Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

If i would like to send personalized email to 5000+ of contacts in one go and at the same time i would like to record or find the response of that email like who has open my email, click on my email, forward my email to his or her friends or Unsubscribe, email got bounced or email is not opened…..can i do this with the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM?


Yes, You can do it. You need to use Microsoft Outlook with CRM client.
1st you need to create Marketing List, then campaign, and the campaign activity. At time of activity distribution.
System will send templated mail to all user of the marketing list, it will capture sent/bouce status of each mail, and reply of user if sent back.

In case of email with extra stuff, you need Mail Merge feature. Generate mail merge using MS -Window and Outlook. Track all the generate mail in CRM and set regarding as Campaign/Activity.

Please make sure your incoming mail is working fine.

What can you not track:
1) Mail Forwarding
2)Opening of your mail by user
3)Read Receipt
These all are kind of encroachment in user privacy.
Nither you are suppose to do this nor it can be achieved with user acceptance.



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