“Unable to automatically step into the server’ Error in VS 2008


Gill Cleeren     Visual Studio.net     February 29, 2008    

I was today doing some development in Visual Studio 2008 on a n-tier application, where some Webservice needed to be called that would then call some deeper layer on its turn, the usual stuff. However, the breakpoints in the DAL were not being hit and when stepping-in, the following error was shown:

Unable to automatically step into the server. The remote procedure could not be debugged.This usually indicates that debugging has not been enabled on the server."

Turns out that this was caused by the web.config not having a


compilation debug="true">

attribute. Therefore, any breakpoint located in a layer behind the service layer, was not hit. I remember having the same issue with Visual Studio 2005, but I never got this error however


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