resolve() Case Event in plugin

How can I handle resolve() Case action  in plug-in?
This problem bit me too, didn’t think I’d have to enable both triggers at the same time (I’d tried them both on their own).
Anyway, I have another special case to add (pun intended).
If you ‘close’ an incident (case), it will fire the ‘Close’ trigger, not the ‘SetState’ trigger.
If you ‘reactivate’ a closed case, it fires the ‘SetState’ trigger.
If you change the ‘Status Reason’ (a.k.a. StatusCode), but don’t close or cancel the case (i.e, it’s still open), then it fires the ‘Update’ trigger.
‘Canceling’ a case seems to fire the ‘SetState’ trigger as well (even though there’s a ‘Cancel’ trigger lurking in there).
The SetStateDynamicEntity message is only triggered when an Incident is re-activated after being closed.
Informative post –

Closing An Incident (Case) That Has Open Activities

(different variants are described)


 Jscript with resolve() function:

Update Case record status from Active to Resolved in MS CRM 4.0

5)  CRM 4 case Actions -> Resolve Case

c# code example

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